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50 Frequently asked questions

A list of the most asked questions since 1977 answered by Benjamin Creme.

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Q: How will we recognize the Christ?

Benjamin Creme: How shall we recognize him? How shall we be sure that the one we see is indeed the Christ? There are many men in the world today who are giving very sound instruction, very beautiful teachings, and some of them are claimed to be the Christ by their followers. We know there are, today, many people who claim to be the Christ or Maitreya; and we know, too, that there is a prophecy which says that before the Christ comes there will be many false Christs, false teachings about the Christ, and that: “if someone points to a man and says, ‘that is the Christ, lo, here! or lo, there!’ do not believe him.”

No one will point to the true Christ and say: “That is the Christ.” The recognition of the Christ is up to each one of us, individually. The Christ is the Embodiment of the energy we call the Christ Consciousness or Christ Principle, the energy of the Cosmic Christ. It is released into the world for us by Maitreya, the Christ, and to the degree that it manifests in us, we will recognize him.

He will show that our political and economic life has to make a complete change of direction and become the spiritual activity which essentially it is; that our educational systems, our science and culture, should, again, take on a new, spiritual, connotation. He will speak across the whole range of human activity, and it will be by the breadth of his teaching, the universality of his viewpoint, that we may recognize him; by his tremendous spiritual potency, his extraordinary aura of purity, sanctity; by his obvious love and capacity to serve; by all of these we may recognize him.

Many people will follow the Christ without recognizing him, without even knowing he is in the world. But they will follow that man because they believe in what he is saying, in what he stands for: sharing and brotherhood, justice and freedom for all mankind. He will be the spokesman for a certain type of group thinking along these lines. Not the Preacher of old. He has said that many will be perhaps surprised at his appearance. He comes, not as the Head of the Christian, or any other church, for that matter. It may be that the orthodox Christian leaders will be among the last to recognize the Christ. He is not the one and only Son of God, but the friend and Elder Brother of Humanity.

The radio and television networks of the world will be linked up, and he will make his appeal, his call, to mankind. By mentally overshadowing all mankind simultaneously, he will come into telepathic rapport with all humanity everywhere, and we shall hear his words silently entering our minds, in our own language. We in the United Kingdom shall hear him in English, the French in French, the Russians in Russian, and so on. It is in this way that we shall know that he is truly the Christ. Thus will be repeated, only now on a world scale, what happened at Pentecost; and in celebration of this event, Pentecost will become one of the major festivals of the new world religion which the Christ will eventually inaugurate. Our response to his call will determine the future of the world.  

Q. What is the essence of his teaching for the new age?

BC: His teaching will be released in phases, each phase being relevant to the needs of humanity at each stage over the next 2,350 years or so. In the first place, we will find that he will lay the emphasis on the oneness of humanity, on the fact of the human soul, and on the need for sharing and right relationships. He will teach, again, the Law of Cause and Effect and its relation to the Law of Rebirth, showing the need for harmlessness in all relationships. When these ideas have permeated society and brought about the changes in our political, economic and social structures, he will set about the inauguration of the new world religion, bringing together the approaches to God of the East and the West, God immanent and God transcendent. He will teach the Mysteries of the Path of Initiation, the scientific path to God. Initiation will be central to the new world religion. Above all, he will reveal a new aspect of God. This is the New Revelation which he brings.

Q. What will Maitreya’s initial task be?

BC: In the first place, he will be concerned with inspiring humanity to create the conditions in which world peace can be guaranteed. He will show that this requires, above all, the acceptance of the principle of sharing. This will insure a harmonizing of the imbalance caused today by the tremendous discrepancies in the living standards of the developed and the developing nations. His immediate proposal will be to launch a crash programme of aid to save the starving millions in the Third World. Then, over the next few years, the restructuring of society along more just lines will gradually form the basis for a new civilization. He will inspire humanity to create the new world. His initial task is really one of reconstruction. 

Q: When Christ was here before, he went through a cycle of events, and was crucified and killed. What is to prevent that from happening again?

BC: It is very difficult to crucify someone whom you cannot see, and Maitreya can appear and disappear at will. You could fire a cannon at him, an 18-inch shell, and it would just bounce off him and fall to the ground. He created his own body, and if you can create your own body you can keep it intact. He is inviolable.

Q. Will the Christ have a long ministry compared to the three years Jesus had?

BC: Yes. The whole of the Age of Aquarius (the next 2,350 years).

Q. What will be some of the attributes or characteristics of the Aquarian Age?

BC: The outstanding quality of the energy of Aquarius is synthesis, hence the result of its action will be a blending and fusing of the present divided and separative humanity into a whole. A new sense of oneness (with all creation) will replace the present sense of separation. In the social and political sphere this will demonstrate as brotherhood, justice and sharing. The present fear and confusion will give way to a new freedom and sense of meaning and purpose in life. It will be an age in which humanity ―  for the first time as a whole ―  realizes and manifests its inherent divinity. Cooperation will replace competition; tolerance and goodwill will supersede division and hate.

Q: How can we be sure that he, the Christ, will not be rejected?

BC: The answer, of course, is that we can’t be sure. But it’s up to us to make sure he is not rejected. His is the task to lead and guide, but we willingly must follow. Otherwise he can do nothing. His hands are tied by Law. The decision rests with humanity. The decision is ours, but as I explained, we have no alternative but to go forward through sharing and cooperation, and this is what the Christ will teach. Humanity is now absolutely up against it. It is in an impasse and there is no way out; it is staring mankind in the face. So much so, that all the uneducated and most of the educated peoples of the world are now terrified of the future. They see ahead of them nothing but destruction of one kind or another: destruction through pollution, ecological destruction; through famine; destruction through over-population; through nuclear war; or a combination of all of them.

There is no way out at all. The Christ comes with a set of proposals which entail a complete redirection of human thinking and feeling. If we follow these, we go forward. We can reject them. It’s up to us. He said recently: “Many will accept me, but not all. Nevertheless, my Army of Light will surely triumph.”

And a long time ago, he said: “The end is known from the beginning,” and you can assume that, though one cannot say (I cannot say, with any authority), “Yes, he will not be rejected, this time. He will be accepted by mankind,” I know that he has come at the earliest possible moment ―  but not too soon. There has been preparation going on for many years. The externalization of the Hierarchy actually started as far back as 1860. Certain disciples came in, such as H.P. Blavatsky and others, who have been releasing to the world the New Age teachings. I don’t mean just the occult teaching. I mean new ideas of philosophy, of politics, of economics, etc. Mankind is now adult, and is prepared in an altogether different way than before (when Christ came in Palestine). The Piscean experience, the spread of education throughout the world, modern communications, have made it possible for a Teacher to come and speak to a really adult world for the first time. So the hope is ―  and I would say the almost certain fact is ―  that mankind will not reject him.

Note from Benjamin Creme: In many of the Messages, since the above answer was given, Maitreya himself makes it clear that he is in no doubt about man’s response. In Message no. 11, he says: “My heart tells me your answer, your choice, and is glad.” In Message no. 65, he is explicit: “Therefore, my friends, have no fear that mankind will reject me. my plans are safe in your hands.” In Message no. 77: “I know that within men sits a divine Being, whose Plan it is that love and justice should triumph. This being so, the end is assured.” In Message no. 78: “But, my friends, I know beforehand your answer and choice. Through your love ―  the love in your heart for your brothers ―  have no fear, my dear ones, you will choose correctly.”

Q: Will Maitreya become a public figure?

BC: Yes, he will become a known spokesman; both the stimulus behind, and the spokesman for, a certain type of group-thinking, concerned with sharing, brotherhood, justice; covering the political, the economic, the social and also the philosophical, religious and scientific fields ―  across the whole gamut. It is really somebody talking across the whole range of human needs that you should look for. He will be the spokesman for that type of group-thinking, of those who are enunciating the principles which have to govern our life in the new age: Sharing, Justice, Freedom, cooperation, Goodwill. These are the principles which we will come to realize are the principles of Aquarius. In one word you can call it synthesis, universality.

Q. Why when Maitreya comes on major television will he not use his own name?

BC: For a number of reasons. One is that many people would not know who Maitreya is. He wishes to be introduced to the world as a man among men, but who has ideas which, so far, most people have not thought about for the reconstruction of the world. In that way he does not make a division between Christians, Buddhists, Moslims and Hindus. If he was introduced as the Christ, say, then Christians would be divided. Some would say "Halleluja! The Christ is here!" Others would say "He is not the Christ, he is a fake, he is the anti-christ." Or, if they liked his ideas, they might accept him whoever he was. If they do not like his ideas, which many fundamentalist Christians, in my experience, do not, even without seeing him ―  they are convinced already that he must be the anti-christ, they do not like the idea of sharing, they do not seem to like justice and peace in the world ―  they will automatically reject him. 
Because he has not come down in a cloud into Jerusalem as they expect, they have a prejudice from the start. If he called himself the Christ, there would be this huge division among Christians as to who he was. If he called himself Maitreya then the Buddhists would be divided. (I know dozens of people who call themselves Maitreya. They are no more Maitreya than you or I.) If he comes out as a man among men, people without prejudice can approach what he is saying and respond to it, yea or nay, without being influenced by the idea that he is the Christ, or Maitreya Buddha, or the Imam Mahdi, or the Messiah. These names get in the way of their spontaneous response to the ideas. We have to think the ideas are good ideas; we have to want sharing and justice and peace, and if he is advocating a way towards sharing and justice and peace we would be inclined to say "Good thinking. I would like to talk more with that man, I would like to ask him a few questions." 

Q. Since he is the World Teacher, does that mean he will be more involved in certain fields of human endeavor than in others?

BC: Many people, particularly Christians, see him as the head of the Christian Church, but in fact this is not the case; the Master Jesus is the head of the Christian Churches. The World Teacher is the stimulus behind a whole range of activities, not only religion. He is as much the stimulus behind the scientific discoveries and the educational concepts which are today engaging men’s minds as he is with religious matters. He will inaugurate the new world religion which will engage a large part of his energy, but he is the recipient and transmitter of a great rainbow of energies from various sources which stimulate many different facets of our life.

One of his major tasks will be the synthesizing of humanity through the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis and the energies of Aquarius, and through galvanizing the United Nations Assembly, bringing the world together and filling it with a sense of its wholeness. That is a great and continuing task, which will be spread over a good many years. When we have really set the world to rights he will begin to inaugurate the new world religion.

Q: Why does Maitreya appear differently to different people?

BC: Almost weekly, Maitreya appears miraculously ‘out of the blue’ at fundamentalist, orthodox religious meetings around the world, always in a form that the group can recognize ―  if they are Hindus, as the people’s idea of what Krishna will look like; if Jews, as their idea of the Messiah; if they are Muslims, as their idea of the Prophet, the Imam Mahdi or the Messiah; if Buddhists, their idea of Maitreya Buddha. He can change his appearance at will. He can be old or young, man or woman, fair or dark.

In this way, everyone can identify with him. He speaks to the gatherings in their own language, and then disappears again. He appeared in this way in June 1988 in Nairobi, Kenya, before 6,000 people who recognized him as the Christ. The event, through photographs, was seen on CNN and BBC television and other world media.

List of Maitreya's appearences

Q. Why, if Maitreya appears before 600 or even more people at a meeting of a religious group in Britain ―  as in Edinburgh and York ―  do we see nothing about it in the media?

BC: The people before whom he appears are in every case fundamentalist Christians of one persuasion or another; denominationally they vary tremendously, but the consistent factor is that they are all extremely dogmatic in their beliefs. Maitreya appears to them to ‘soften them up.’ These are the groups from whom, throughout the world, he expects the major opposition and rejection. If he appears as the World Teacher and they are expecting the Teacher in their own terms ―  as the Christ, Maitreya Buddha, Krishna, the Imam Mahdi, the Messiah ―  with their very fixed views they would be inclined to reject him.

The most important thing is the creation of the healing waters, which is done first. When Maitreya has magnetized the waters, in due course ―  it might take a few weeks ―  he finds a group of fundamentalists in a town nearby and appears before them. He speaks to them in their own language and many healings take place during the process. He does not say: “I am Maitreya”; “I am the Christ”; or “I am the Imam Mahdi,” he just appears, out of the blue but in a form which they will recognize ―  as he did in Nairobi in Kenya, on 11 June 1988, an appearance of which we have photographs.

Maitreya leaves it to the groups, in the thoughtform in which he has appeared to them, to recognize him or not. Some of them will say: “Beware, it could be the anti-christ: before the Christ comes, the anti-christ is coming.” That is why they do not speak out, and if they do not speak the media does not speak. Occasionally at these meetings there have been representatives of religious newspapers who do not write about it. Why not? I think they do not know what to do with this information: it is too ‘hot.’

Either they believe it is the Christ or they believe it is the anti-christ; or they are mystified because he has not said who he is. Perhaps 80 per cent of the people believe they had an experience of the Christ, or the Mahdi, or the Messiah ―  whomever it happened to be ―  and they are perfectly content to accept that and just wait for something more to happen in connection with it. That must do something to their awareness, even if they do not talk about it except among themselves. When eventually they see Maitreya on television they will say: “That’s the one who appeared to us ―  perhaps he is all right after all; perhaps he is not the anti-christ.”

The appearance in Nairobi was reported and photographed because the editor of the Swahili edition of the Kenya Times was present and wrote it up. It was picked up by various media and was a two-day wonder around the world. The media in general, as ordinary men and women, are deeply, profoundly sceptical, and professionally, not only sceptical, but cynical in the extreme.

Q. How are we to know for certain that Lord Maitreya is not the false Christ?

BC: There is not only one 'false Christ.' There are several well-known teachers who believe themselves, or are believed by their followers, to be the Christ, and from my personal experience alone I know of scores of deluded people who are convinced that they are the Christ. Discrimination and spiritual recognition are the key. I suggest that on the Day of Declaration, by the overshadowing and telepathic rapport which he will establish with all humanity simultaneously, you will have no doubts about his true status. A tree is known by its fruits and it is by his love, wisdom, spiritual potency and work for humanity that you will recognize Maitreya and know him for what he is.

Q. (1) Will the United Nations be the governing body of the world, or (2) will there be another organization, and (3) will Maitreya 'head up' this organization?

BC. (1) There are no plans for a one-world government. The UN will become (as it is now to some extent) a debating chamber to air and settle international problems. (2) No other such organization is planned. (3) Maitreya will not 'head up' any organization, but will act only in his capacity as World Teacher.

Q. How do we know ‘your’ Christ is who you say he is and how do we know he is not someone who is trying to obtain some form of powerful position in the world with the purpose of world domination?

BC: This is a question often put to me by fundamentalist Christians. A tree is known by its fruit, and the Christ must be known by his words, his deeds, and, above all, his energy. If one man could achieve world domination (which, in today’s world, I very much doubt) then it could only be someone of the stature of the Christ. The fundamentalists, of course, are afraid that Maitreya might be the anti-christ, with which fallacy I have dealt many times, here and elsewhere. On the Day of Declaration, I submit, everyone ―  even the fundamentalists ―  will know, through the overshadowing of the minds of all humanity ―  a Pentecostal experience for all ―  that Maitreya is the Christ.   

Q: If Maitreya is the Christ, then who or what is the anti-christ?

BC: According to the Ageless Wisdom, the anti-christ is not one individual who lives at a certain point in time, but is an energy released before the advent of the Christ. It comes to pave the way for the building forces of the Christ by destroying the old crystallized ways that block new growth for society. While the anti-christ is an energy, it does manifest through individuals and has done so at different times throughout history, most notably through the emperor Nero in Roman times, and more recently through Hitler and some of his closest associates. With the defeat of the Axis powers during World War II, the work of the anti-christ energy was completed for this age and will not manifest again for over 3,000 years.

The anti-christ does exist, not as an individual who comes before the Christ, but as an energy. Fundamentally, the anti-christ is the First, or Will aspect of God, in its destructive form. It is that energy which destroys thus making way for the new energies of the Christ. The anti-christ energy sweeps away the old, outworn forms and prepares the way for the incoming, creative energy.

This destructive force has already worked out through the disasters which have devastated the planet: world wars; the starvation of millions every year; earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Q: When you say that Maitreya has been here since 19 July 1977 and that the Master Jesus is in Rome, do you mean in a physical body?

BC: Yes.

Q. Which of the world’s major religions, if any, do you expect will disappear first, once Maitreya begins his work openly?

BC: None of them. It is not Maitreya’s task to stimulate the destruction of any of the major religions ―  quite the contrary. His main work, in the first place, will be to stimulate economic, political, and social change. When he does eventually inaugurate the new world religion based on initiation, its adherents will be drawn, as is already the case, from all religions.   

Q: Many who read Alice Bailey's books say that the Christ does not actually come back in the body, but in men's hearts.

BC: In The Reappearance of the Christ, the Master DK says quite emphatically that he was talking about the Christ’s physical appearance in the world. This, he said, was one of the most important statements in the book. The Christ, he emphasized, will appear in a physical body, visible to all.

Q. Why does the Avatar have to be personified by one human individual?

BC: This question, I think, arises from the mistaken idea that an Avatar (in this case the Christ) is some kind of abstract Principle which might embody itself in many individuals simultaneously. Many people see the Christ in this sense, separating the man ―  Maitreya ―  from the Christ Principle which he embodies, and looking for a multiple manifestation of the Christ. The Christ Principle does indeed manifest through millions today, but this is only one of the three ways in which Maitreya promised to appear ―  on mental, astral and dense physical levels. My submission is that all three forms of his manifestation have taken place.   

Q. Don’t you think we have advanced enough for the (Christ) Principle without needing the form (the man)?

BC: Take a look at the world and decide for yourself. How do you think we are doing with the Christ Principle, given the nuclear threats, the starving millions, the thousand million poor? We are indeed fortunate that, for the love of humanity, the man, the Son of Man, has graced us with his presence. Furthermore, the primary reason for his physical return is to lead his group, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters, back into the world.  

Q: Are any of the Masters in female bodies?

BC: The time for that is not yet. All the Masters take a male body in their last incarnation, and there are definite, energetic reasons why this should be so. A Master is a totally soul-infused personality. There is no such thing as sex ―  male or female ―  on the soul level. There is only polarity of energy ―  positive and negative polarities of one energy. The Masters have brought both of these into complete equilibrium, so, in a sense, they are neither men nor women. They take a male body for its energetic qualities. The relationship between spirit and matter on this planet at this time is such that they must anchor powerfully in the world the positive aspect of that energy, as a balance to the negative aspect as it expresses itself in matter. In about 350-400 years time, this will change. It is a gradual process, and that energy relationship between spirit and matter, as we term them, will change sufficiently to allow Masters to take female bodies too, which then they will.   

Q: Is the shock of a stock-market crash likely to jolt the consciousness of humanity because of the hardship that will ensue?

BC: The Master has said: "Verily, verily! Humanity has for long suffered from the disease of speculation." The symptoms of this disease are world poverty, crime, drug abuse, violence and war. The basic cause is age-old human greed based on separation and fear. Under the leadership of the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, the Masters will help humanity to see this and evoke from them a greater sense of their interdependence. The very presence of Maitreya, known to all, will go far to make this transformation possible. When humanity gains that sense of interdependence it will lose its fear and thus its greed. Naturally this will not take place overnight but nor will it be too long delayed. The economic collapse and the transformation which will ensue will prove a potent teacher. The relative strictures of a transformed economy will bring to humanity a new sense of reality, and in this way the changes will be logical and acceptable.    

Q. Did Maitreya establish both capitalism and communism?

BC: No. Both capitalism and communism are man-made, but in response to ideas sent into the mind-belt by Hierarchy. There are no plans to 'unite' these two systems. The key to their eventual correct relationship lies in the acceptance of the principle of sharing.   

Q. The principle of sharing which you advocate sounds like some glorified form of communism where we all become equally poor. What exactly is the principle of sharing?

BC: First of all, I am sure it is not the aim of communism that “we all become equally poor” but simply equal. Whether that equality is always achieved is another matter, but surely social justice is a laudable aim, and if it were allied with individual freedom I think few in the West could quarrel with it. It would seem that Mr Gorbachev has set in motion precisely such a move towards greater individual freedom.

To my mind, the need for sharing is self-evident: there are so many people in the world, around six billion, with varied requirements depending on the size of their nation and self-sufficiency. These nations grow or produce so much food, raw materials, energy, technology, often far greater than their individual needs, and seek to sell their surplus (there is an estimated ten per cent surplus of food in the world).

Many of the poorer (usually ex-colonial) nations are far from being self-supporting and often cannot produce even enough food for their people who, as a consequence, become the starving millions of the world.

Is it not simple common sense ―  not to mention simple Christian (or Buddhist or Jewish) compassion ―  for the rich nations to share surpluses with the poor nations and so prevent the misery ―  and the crime ―  of starvation in the midst of plenty?

The Christ says, in Message no. 82: “When you share, you recognize God in your brother,” and in Message no. 52: “Take your brother’s need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.” He should know.

True happiness lies not in democracy or communism, but in an awareness that is free of any ideology.   

Q: You talk a lot about politics and economics, which are all very materialistic, but is this what the Christ is all about?

BC: Yes, indeed. Absolutely. It is not primarily as a religious leader that he is coming. You may look for him rather as an educationalist in the widest sense of the word, advocating changes in our political, economic and social life. All of these are fundamentally spiritual. Spirituality does not refer to religious matters only. Everything that lifts men above their present level, whether on the physical, emotional, mental or intuitional level, is spiritual. We must broaden our concept of what is spiritual in order to recognize the Christ.

He comes to show that the spiritual life can be lived in every department of human living ―  not alone in the religious field; that the scientific path to God, about which he will teach, is wide enough and varied enough to accommodate all men. Everyone, in the future, will come to realize the spiritual basis of life, and will seek to give it expression in his work. And whereas today only the seer or the mystic knows the true meaning of reality, this will be the experience of all men, whatever their way. Not all men are religious; religion is a way, a specific way.

The Christ will show that all of us can come to an awareness of the ways of God. He will show the path to that, the scientific path, the path of initiation; and under the guidance and stimulus of the Christ and his disciples we shall know God ―  truly know and see God, in this coming age. Large numbers of humanity will stand before the Hierophant, the Lord of the World Himself, and in doing so will see the Face of the Father, the Face of God. This is an occult fact and is the promise given by the Christ to the world. This will be his main function in the coming age ―  to lead humanity into the Spiritual Kingdom, the Kingdom of Souls, or the Kingdom of God ―  which already exists, and has always existed, as the Masters and initiates of the Hierarchy. Under the guidance of the Christ all of us will enter that Kingdom. This is his mission, to establish the Kingdom of God, outwardly, in the world. He will fulfill that mission if we respond to the need of the time, which is the transformation of society along more spiritual and just lines.   

Q: Could you explain the relationship between the disciple Jesus and the Christ?

BC: The disciple Jesus, who is now the Master Jesus, was born in Palestine as a third degree initiate. The five major Initiations which take one to Liberation have their symbolic enactment in the life of Jesus. That is what the Gospel story is really about. It is a very ancient story and has been presented to mankind again and again, in different forms, long before the time of Jesus.

He was, and still is, a disciple of the Christ and made the great sacrifice of giving up his body for the use of the Christ. By the occult process of overshadowing, the Christ, Maitreya, took over and worked through the body of Jesus from the Baptism onwards.

In his next incarnation, as Apollonius of Tyana, Jesus became a Master. He lives now in a Syrian body which is some 600 years old, and has his base in Rome. He has, in the last 2,000 years, worked in the closest relation to the Christ, saving his time and energy where possible, and has special work to do with the Christian Churches. He is one of the Masters who will very shortly return to outer work in the world, taking over the throne of St Peter, in Rome. He will seek to transform the Christian Churches, in so far as they are flexible enough to respond correctly to the new reality which the return of the Christ and the Masters will create.

I am afraid that the Churches have gone very far away from the religion which the Christ inaugurated; which is to do with sharing, with love, with brotherhood and right relationship. But this monolithic institution has grown up in the name of that simple man and transformed his simple teaching into ... well, you know what it has taught.   

Q: What is the relation between Sai Baba and Maitreya?

BC: The Christ is a planetary avatar, Sai Baba is a cosmic avatar. He is a Spiritual Regent, sent into the world by the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, on Shamballa. A regent 'stands in' for the king. Similarly, a Spiritual Regent 'stands in' for God, for the Logos, Whose reflection Sanat Kumara is. Sai Baba embodies the energy of Love at a cosmic level (the Christ embodies this energy at the planetary level) and his work, in part, is to prepare humanity for the work of the Christ.

By awakening the love principle in humanity, Sai Baba will prepare people for the initiatory work of the Christ. As the Hierophant, the Initiator, at the first two planetary initiations, the Christ will lead humanity gradually out of the strictly human kingdom into the Hierarchy, the Kingdom of Souls, or the Kingdom of God. That is his major work in the coming age of Aquarius. These two Great Ones work together in daily contact, complete harmony and shared purpose in the evolution of mankind.   

Q. What is the role of the Buddha in our planetary Hierarchy? What is his relationship to Maitreya?

BC: The Buddha no longer retains a physical vehicle, but dwells on the highest center of our planet, Shamballa, which is in matter of the two highest ethers in the Gobi desert. He acts as the ‘Divine Intermediary’ between Shamballa and Hierarchy, bringing the Plan from Shamballa to the three Great Lords of Hierarchy (the Christ, Manu, and Lord of Civilization) Who approximate it to the possible and work it out through humanity. He is the brother of Maitreya. They were among the first group of Earth humanity to ‘achieve,’ that is, take initiation, way back in early Atlantean times. They have been at the forefront of humanity ever since. The Buddha is deeply engaged in the process of Maitreya’s mission as World Teacher.   

Q. I have read that Buddha brought Light, Christ brought Love, and that the next Avatar will bring Power. Is this the aspect which the Christ Maitreya is attempting to bring forth at this time, or is there yet another Avatar to come?

BC: The Christ does indeed bring the Power or Will aspect of God into the world. In the last two thousand years since his advent in Palestine through Jesus, he has become the Embodiment of the Will, as well as the Love and Light, of God. Through his advocacy, humanity’s little separate self-will will come into correct alignment with the Will of God for the first time. As far as the individual disciple is concerned, this Will aspect only makes itself felt around the time of the third initiation. Its energy comes from the monad or divine spark, whereas the energies of Love and Light come from the soul. To the purist, of course, all three aspects come from the monad, but at-one-ment with the soul brings in Light and Love alone. Quite apart from this, of course, there will be many further Avatars in humanity’s long evolution to perfection.   

Q. Could you expand on the work of the New Group of World Servers, whom you mentioned before as being sensitive to the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis?

BC: When he came before in Palestine, the Christ found that there were not enough servers, disciples, in the world through whom he could work, who could have prepared the way for him, and through whom he could construct the new civilization of the time. Also, he had not yet that deeper relationship and at-one-ment with the Will aspect of God ―  which in the last two thousand years he has achieved ―  necessary for him to complete his task. He is now an Embodiment of the Will as well as the Love aspect of God.

In 1922, therefore, he inaugurated the New Group of World Servers, which is the most important group existing in the world, although it has no outer form or organization. Each member of it is related subjectively (i.e. on the inner, soul level) to Hierarchy; they know and understand the Plan and their part in it. On the outer plane there are two groups: one large group, unaware of their subjective link with Hierarchy and working only under impression from the Masters; the other, a small inner nucleus which works consciously on the outer plane under the direct supervision of the Masters.

Made up of men and women of all levels of society, the New Group of World Servers has members in every country in the world, without exception. Since 1922, apart from the war years, they have been active in placing before humanity the very principles which will govern our lives in the future ―  principles of right relationship, sharing and justice. They are to be found in the educational, political, economic and scientific fields. They are the forerunners of the Christ, the vanguard, sent ahead to prepare the way. From their understanding of the Plan, from their altruistic love of humanity, from their desire to serve, they are the guarantee of the correct working out of the Plan of the Hierarchy of which they are also a part. So in this way, the work of Hierarchy does not infringe human free will. The New Group of World Servers forms a bridging group between humanity and Hierarchy. It is several million strong today.   

Q. If Maitreya can divide his consciousness into thousands of separate areas of attention, is he indeed present at the moment of consecration in the Roman Catholic and Anglican masses, and does his blessing remain in the consecrated Host which is revered in the Roman Catholic Churches? Or, since the Master Jesus is in charge of the Christian religion, is it rather his presence in this ritual?

BC: It is always the energy and blessing of Maitreya which consecrates the Host at this ritual. This is the most valid and authentic part of the Christian Church service. Of course, the wafer and the wine are not turned into the ‘body and blood’ of the Christ. This is a symbolic act in memory of him. The energy transmission, however, is indeed real.   

Q. When one feels very strong energies how can one tell whether it is from the soul, a Master, or, dare I hope, Maitreya? For instance, this always happens when I read the Messages from Maitreya.

BC: It is impossible to read the Messages from Maitreya, especially aloud, without invoking his energy. That is one reason why they were given. The first part of the question is more difficult to answer ―  it really is a matter of experience and discrimination. It is usually more correct to assume that the energy is from one’s soul.    

Q. Does Maitreya use any of the many statues of him to transmit his energies through?

BC: Yes, most certainly. One example is a famous statue in wood in the Koryuji Temple in Kyoto, Japan, dating from the sixth and seventh centuries. For centuries it has been known as 'the statue of the golden light' because of the radiance which is sometimes seen to emanate from it.   

Q. Is it possible for ordinary people, longing to see him, to make contact with Maitreya inwardly?

BC: It depends on what is meant by ‘make contact.’ If it means can ‘ordinary’ people receive communications, messages, enlightenment, guidance, from Maitreya, then the answer is no. He does not make that kind of contact. I know that many people claim such contact ―  and often send me the results ―  but my information is that these claims are mistaken, and the nature of the received material bears this out. If it means can people invoke his energy, his love, then the answer is, assuredly, yes. He himself has said: ‘‘My help is yours to command. You have only to ask.’’ (Message no. 49)    

Q. Can the Christ come to us in a sleep state to aid us?

BC: Yes, he frequently uses this form of contact.   

Q. I believe that coming with Maitreya are certain great devas or angels. Can you tell us anything about them and the significance of this for humanity now?

BC: The Christ was called, by both Gautama Buddha and St Paul, ‘‘the Teacher alike of angels and of men,’’ and that is precisely what he is. He is as much a teacher for the devas as he is for the human evolution. As the Master DK has shown (in the books of Alice A. Bailey), he will bring ―  in fact, has brought ―  into the world, certain great devas who will work closely with humanity and teach us many aspects of the art of living.   

Q. (1) Is Maitreya without sin? (2) Was he born of a virgin?

BC: (1) Maitreya is totally perfected in a planetary sense. Even in a systemic sense he is without that sense of separation which we call sin. (2) No. He is a resurrected and ascended Master. In his present manifestation in the modern world (London), he is in a self-created body ―  a mayavirupa.   

Q. What has Maitreya told you about his physical immortality? I mean, he seems to have lived in the Himalayas for a very long time.

BC: Maitreya has lived in his retreat high in the Himalayas (at about l7,500 feet) for the last 2,000 years in a ‘body of light,’ that is, the resurrected and ascended body of a perfected Master of high degree. That body is now ‘at rest,’ as he has termed it ―  a state of suspended animation. The body in which he now lives and works in London is self-created especially for this mission and will remain as it is today for the next 2,500 years.   

Q. The Christ is formless, but he is also centered within his mayavirupa body in London, and his light-body lies asleep in the Himalayas. Where is his center, his focal point of existence? Does he meditate from his light-body?

BC: The Christ is not formless but, of course, the energy he embodies, the Love energy, the energy which we call the Christ Principle, is formless. His consciousness is centered in the mayavirupa (self- created body). He meditates and lives and works as a normal man, in the mayavirupa, which is a completely real body.   

Q. Considering what humanity has done in the name of Christ in the past, what does the Christ plan to do in the future to avoid this?

BC: Mainly, be present. One could give a lecture on the Christ’s plans, teachings and work in the coming time to inspire humanity into making a change of direction, but the great difference this time is the fact that he has promised to stay with us to the end of the Aquarian Age, i.e. approximately 2,500 years. No theologians or priests will be necessary, therefore, to interpret (or misinterpret) his teachings.   

Q. How much in evidence will Maitreya be? Will we be able to see and hear him regularly on radio, tv, read about him in the press? Will he have an official mouthpiece ―  a newspaper or a magazine?

BC: There will not be an official ‘mouthpiece,’ an official magazine, or whatever, for Maitreya. As he is an advisor, a teacher, he will appear often (I do not know how regularly) on radio and tv; he will be quoted in newspapers and so on. His teaching will be mainly through television and radio. This is the revelatory phase ―  prophesied by the Master DK through Alice Bailey to begin after 1975.   

Q. Will the Christ travel to all countries of the world? Will the Masters also travel around the world?

BC: Some will and some will not. Certain Masters have been designated for particular posts in specific centers ―  the five major spiritual centers and two minor ones. However, the Christ will make a journey ―  I do not know how soon after the Day of Declaration ―  to all countries of the world, so that all of us will have the opportunity to see him more personally.   

Q. Will his journeys be similar in style to those of the present Pope? Will he be more or less accessible?

BC: The sheer logistics, the technical problems, make that a difficult question to answer. I would think that his tours would be similar to those of the Pope but, naturally, on a far larger scale. The Pope attracts mainly Roman Catholics and other interested people, but the Christ will attract the attention of millions, even billions, of people of all faiths and of no religious background at all. I am sure he will attempt to make himself even more accessible than the Pope does today. One difference will be that with Maitreya there is no danger of assassination. He is and will be invulnerable. That is one danger and worry which will not engage the minds of the governments whose work it will probably be to organize his tours. For him personally it will be a gigantic task.    

Q. Will he have specific and differing ‘missions’ in the various countries?

BC: No doubt his functions will differ from country to country, and he will go with that purpose in mind. I think he will try to use his good offices in whatever capacity they can best be used. He is here to serve the world, and I think it is in that light that he will present himself to the world. He will not present himself as knowing everything and come to do everything for us, but if people and governments ask his advice or ask for his judgement ―  his sometimes ‘Solomon’s’ judgement ―  in decisions, for instance, in the Middle East or Northern Ireland, he will certainly give his guidance and help. Despite the fact that these situations seem insoluble, it may be that people will accept from Maitreya advice and suggestions that they would never accept from lesser beings.    

Q. Will Maitreya teach each nation about its soul purpose and its part in the Plan?

BC: Yes. Not only Maitreya but the Masters, too, will elucidate the inner destiny of the various nations. Each nation has some unique contribution to make to a civilization, while some nations, because of their rays (each nation has a soul ray and a personality ray), their size, whether male or female, have often a decisive role to play. Each nation has an occult purpose and ‘motto’ or role in the unfolding evolution of the race.    

Q. Do you think the governments of the world will accept the Christ at first?

BC: Some undoubtedly will, while some may be slower to accept his counsel. I am thinking of countries like Russia and China, which have no religious means by which to approach him. The peoples of these countries, however ―  like the people elsewhere in the world ―  will force their leaders to implement the principle of sharing. In a very real sense, despite their lack of personal freedom, these countries are already nearer to the implementation of sharing and justice than are the Western democracies.   

Q. Will London remain his ‘headquarters?’

BC: No. In a sense, he will not have any ‘headquarters.’ His residence in London now is, I believe, a temporary measure. His journey around the world should take several years ―  two or three years, at least. Then he will go, from time to time, to any other particular country or countries where the need for him is the greatest, where he can be of most use, can best serve at that time.

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