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Letters to the editor

Over a number of years, some of the Masters, in particular Maitreya and the Master Jesus, have appeared, in different guises, to large numbers of people around the world. They also appear at Benjamin Creme's lectures and meditations, giving people in the audience the opportunity to intuitively recognise Them.

Some people recount their experiences to Share International magazine. If the encounters are authenticated by Benjamin Creme's Master, the letters are published. These experiences are given to inspire, to guide or teach, often to heal and uplift. Very often, too, the Masters draw attention to, or comment on, in an amusing way, some fixed intolerance (for example against smoking or drinking). Many times They act as saving 'angels' in accidents, during wartime, earthquakes and other disasters.
The following letters, previously published in Share International magazine, are examples of this means of communication by the Masters.

Timely warning

Dear Editor,

Many years ago as a young man in my late 20s I worked in the back country of South Island, New Zealand. I would often go out for a day's hunting and on one occasion I was caught in the dark as I made my way back to camp in the bush. I was suddenly "impulsed" to stop and sit down. This I did and then felt around on the ground for a stone which I tossed out in front of me. I was shocked when the stone took eight or 10 seconds before it landed, and I realized I was sitting on the top of a cliff. One more step and I would have gone over. There have been several instances in my life when I have felt 'someone' was watching over me. Was it my Guardian Angel who stopped me from going over the cliff?
I.B., New Zealand.
(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the “guardian” was the Master Jesus.)

Holy passenger

Dear Editor,

On 4 December 1996, as on every Wednesday, I was going to meet my friends of the Transmission Meditation group in Ljubljana. Not far from my home, I noticed an old gentleman standing by the road as if he was in need of some help. I stopped the car and asked him to get in. Only then did I notice that there was something wrong with his legs. He could move them only slowly and with pain. He was wearing a brown jacket, brown trousers and gloves. On his feet he had special shoes for disabled people.

During the ride, the man gazed steadily in front of him, and we did not talk a lot. However, I will never forget meeting him because he radiated a very unique calmness and beauty. Not knowing why, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of tenderness, happiness, lightness, serenity and joy, a wonderful feeling of peace and joyfulness. I looked at him several times, from the side, and I know I have never seen such beautiful blue eyes before.

The place where he was headed was in the opposite direction from mine; however I took him there and I would have been willing to take him anywhere he wished. When we got there, it took him some time to get out of the car and to thank me, saying he would never forget it. I wonder who that man was? Could you please tell me.
M.H., K, Slovenia.
(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the man was Maitreya.)


Dear Editor,

Sixteen months ago our daughter was involved in a car accident which claimed her life. For five days she was on a life-support system. It was during this time that I would take time out from sitting by her side to take a short walk and stand on a cliff and look out to sea. It was peaceful, and time to gather my thoughts and pray for guidance to help me through the tragedy that was unfolding.

It was during one of these many walks, and standing looking out to sea, that I noticed a man standing alongside me.
I did not notice him arrive, he appeared to come from nowhere; there was something warm and comforting about him. He didn't say anything, he just looked at me and smiled. When I turned to take a second look at this man he had gone. I didn't notice him leave, he just seemed to disappear. At the time, I put his appearing and disappearing down to my shocked state of mind. It wasn't till 10 months later when a friend of mine gave me a Share International to read that I noticed, in the 'Letters to the Editor' section, other peoples' experiences, that my mind raced back to the man standing beside me on the cliff 10 months earlier.
May I ask if this was the Master Jesus?
E.A., W, Temuka, South Canterbury, New Zealand.
(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the man on the cliff was Maitreya Himself.)

An ordinary Master

Dear Editor,

In July 1996 I was cycling back home after running errands, when I spotted another cyclist coming from the opposite direction. He seemed very ordinary, wearing glasses and a sports cap but what struck me was the broad grin on his face (as if he was very pleased with himself). Because he kept looking straight at me, and I did not recognize him as someone I knew, I greeted him with a shy nod. At the same time I asked myself why on earth a complete stranger should salute me so explicitly. Then — in a flash — it reminded me of the many letters in Share International and I looked back to see if perhaps he had disappeared ... and indeed he had!

At the most, five seconds after the cyclist passed me he seemed to have vanished into thin air. Or did he simply turn into a bystreet or the slope of a house? I am very anxious to get your opinion, but if this should be one of the Masters, he could have fooled anyone with his very ordinary appearance.
P.P., L, the Netherlands.
(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that the man on the bicycle was Maitreya. He did disappear.)  

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First published April 1999,