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Share International magazine cover for 2020This is an abridged version of
Share International magazine.
Through these electronic files, the magazine Share International makes available a compilation of its contents.

The views expressed by authors other than Share International correspondents do not necessarily reflect those held by the editors of this magazine.
By the same token, interviewees, and authors other than our own correspondents, do not necessarily subscribe to or support the information and approach which form the basis and context of this publication.

The magazine is published monthly, except bimonthly in January/February and July/August of each year.

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From the inception of Share International magazine, Benjamin Creme’s Master provided an article every month for very nearly 40 years. These articles, written in 1982, illustrate yet again the interdependence of all life on our planet. We need “to cleanse the world of the age-old habits of wrong thinking and living; to change entirely its manner of social living in such a way as to make possible a new freedom from fear: fear of want, of war, of disease and death.” As self-knowledge grows, humanity will explore etheric energy which will lead to new approaches to health and healing.

Health and healing (part one)

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

Everywhere, today, are to be found groups whose main concern is to further the idea of healthy living, and to foster the interest of the public in achieving greater vitality and freedom from disease. On all sides, books are appearing offering dietary and other regimes – some new and unproved, others based on ancient lore – which claim to cure all bodily ills from overweight to the deadliest scourges to which humanity is prone. A new impetus has been given to research into the causes and nature of disease and to its prevention and cure.

As yet, the true cause of disease is quite unknown. Buried deep in man’s past, it is largely karmic, and is transmitted by heredity. In this karma, all of humanity shares. Ancient transgressions of the Laws of Life have left this unwelcome heritage and only a profound reconstruction of our ways of thinking and living will transform this situation and, gradually, bring balance. That such balance will come is inevitable; but it will take time to eradicate certain age-old diseases and to cleanse the soil of the planet itself. In particular, the traditional forms of burial, widespread today, must give way to cremation, the only sanitary method of disposal of the body after death.

Everywhere, now, are to be found enclaves of research into the newer healing methods; much experimentation is proceeding along reasonably correct lines and the doors of knowledge are opening one by one. Soon, a flood of new insights will sweep the world, leading to an entirely new approach to disease and its cause and treatment.

Behind all of this activity stands Hierarchy, watching and guiding from behind the scenes of life, seeking, wherever possible, to stimulate research and experiment. This stimulus flows along two main lines: to galvanize far-seeing men into exploration of man’s constitution and structure, on the knowledge of which an understanding of the mechanism of disease depends; and to stimulate the various means, curative, ameliorative and preventative, old and new, orthodox and unorthodox, which seek to control disease today.

One of the outstanding happenings of the present time has been the rise into prominence of so-called spiritual or faith healers of various kinds. There has been a marked shift in public acceptance of their role and gifts and this on a world-wide scale. A new interest in the ancient healing methods of the East has widened the technical resources and understanding of Western practitioners, while prevention of disease – the creation of conditions of health and vitality – is gradually gaining a major role.

All of this portends well for the future, a future in which we shall see the gradual conquering of the ills which so beset mankind. The first step will be to eradicate the fear of disease and, from an understanding of its cause, inculcate a more correct approach to its control.

The transformation of social structures will do much to improve the health of humanity, removing much of the chronic stress and anxiety which is the experience of millions today. Greater leisure and recreation will play their part, while sounder agricultural methods will ensure the production of food whose vitality is adequate to man’s needs.

When mankind realises the true nature of its constitution – as a soul reflecting itself through mental, emotional and two-fold physical (etheric and dense) bodies, the first step in the conquering of disease will be taken. Until now, man’s attention has been focussed on the dense physical plane while the causes of disease are to be found in the misappropriation of the energies flowing through the subtler bodies.

Man is on the verge of a great discovery: that disease is the result of imbalance; that correct balance is maintained by correct thought and action and that such correct thought and action involves his brothers and sisters everywhere. If man would end disease he must first end separation. (Share International, October 1982, A Master Speaks Volume One)

Health and healing (part two)

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme

Every few years, a further advance is made in the understanding and control of disease, as we call that state of dis-equilibrium of mind and body which so troubles mankind. Each new advance pushes back a little the limits of man’s knowledge of himself, and opens the door to further illumination. As we stand on the threshold of a new era, humanity is poised, as never before to receive new light. Quickened by the stimulus of the Christ and His Masters, man is ready to discover the truths of his existence which, eventually, will free him totally from disease.

The first step in the eradication of any disease must be an understanding of its cause. Hitherto, the cause of most disease has eluded man’s search, so ignorant has he been of the nature of his constitution and the Laws under which he functions. From now on, as man proceeds along a more correct course and grasps the necessity of right relationship, this will begin to be remedied. Disease is ultimately the result of wrong relationship: to our higher self, the soul; to our brothers and sisters throughout the world; and to the Whole of which we are a part. By the misuse of soul energy we set in motion the causation. By wrong relationship to our fellows we bring about disequilibrium and dis-harmony, and illness of all kinds. Through our sense of separation we cut ourselves off from the healing potencies which everywhere surround us.

A mighty task awaits humanity at this turning point in its life: to cleanse the world of the age-old habits of wrong thinking and living; to change entirely its manner of social living in such a way as to make possible a new freedom from fear: fear of want, of war, of disease and death. An enormous task, indeed, but one worth all the effort involved, for it will lead to a new livingness, a new and sweeter relationship between men, and to a world governed by the principles of justice and brotherhood, sharing and love. What finer goal could there be for humanity than to create such a world? No-one can gainsay the benefits that such a transformation would bring, and We, the Masters, will help you in your task, revealing to you the best paths and possibilities.

Science, today, stands poised to contribute its share to the conquering of disease. The etheric planes of matter await man’s exploration and study. Therein will be found the origin of that dis-equilibrium of forces which manifests itself as the body’s ills. The treatment of disease will take on a new dimension when the function of the force centres (chakras) as receivers and dispensers of energy is understood, and when their connection with the major glands of the endocrine system is known. Already, of course, there are those few practitioners who know this and who do valuable work, but not until this knowledge is general shall we see much advance in the understanding of the mechanism of disease.

It will not be long until this research into the etheric fields begins in earnest. When it does, it will transform the therapeutic situation. The new psychology, the coming science of the soul, will throw much light on the nature and cause of disease and point the way to its prevention. In time, man will learn to approach and work with the deva (or angelic) evolution, many aspects of which are deeply engaged in the healing process.

Thus, stage by stage, disease will be eradicated from the world, to be replaced by a vitality and well-being seldom seen today but which is man’s birthright, did he but know it. The stage is being set for this transformation. The Masters, on Their return, will point the way, and under Their wise guidance all shall be made new. (Share International, November 1982, A Master Speaks Volume One)

[These articles from Share International magazine, March 2020, are by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, was in constant telepathic contact with this Master who dictated his articles to him.]

(Read more articles by this Master)

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At every lecture he gave around the world, and virtually every day of his life, Benjamin Creme was asked numerous questions covering a vast range of topics. We draw on this large recorded resource and publish answers provided by BC and his Master over the years, none of which have yet appeared in Share International.

Etheric matter and current science

Q. According to New Scientist magazine, scientists have discovered that space is filled by an unknown radiation six times stronger than all known astronomic sources within this frequency band taken together. The scientists discovered a mysterious radiation, whose origin is absolutely unclear, which seems to fill the universe. They believe that they have discovered something new: according to the NASA scientists involved, the signal was not discovered earlier since Earth-based telescopes were not yet sensitive enough.
What is it? Please could you comment on this discovery?

A. If the scientists are representing correctly what they are seeing, they are discovering for themselves what has already been discovered by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), the well-known psychoanalyst and later scientist, who discovered a primordial energy which he named ‘orgone’. He saw it as an energy which interpenetrated all forms of matter. He experimented with orgone in many ways: in healing and cloud-busting (making rain) where and when needed by very simple means. The US Food and Drug Administration had him arrested and imprisoned for his trouble, and he died in prison.

I believe that the vibration which astronomers have discovered, the ‘orgone’ of Wilhelm Reich, and the higher etheric levels of matter are one and the same. Scientists today recognize matter as being solid, liquid and gaseous but esotericists know that there are four further states of matter above gas known as the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st plane of etheric matter. So instead of three planes, there are actually seven planes of matter. All matter is a precipitation of light; so the field of matter is light precipitated into seven more or less material planes. (Share International, January/February 2009)

The advent of the Christ and the emergence of the Masters of Wisdom will bring an enormous sense of relief, and a reduction of tension in the world. The gain in physical and emotional well-being will be considerable. Much of the physical disease in the world today has a psychic cause: the strains, the tensions and fears inherent in our divided society and world. Given true hope for the future, the general health of humanity will improve.

Quite apart from this, new approaches to discovering the causes of disease will be made. The existence of the etheric planes of matter, i.e. matter finer in substance than gas and normally invisible, has long been postulated, and accepted by esotericists as axiomatic. This is the next area of matter due for investigation by our exoteric scientists. Kirlian photography and the work of Wilhelm Reich have already pointed the way. It will be realized that the health of the physical body depends entirely on the etheric ‘double’ or ‘counterpart-body’. The force centres (or ‘chakras’ as they are called in the East), which focus the etheric flow, have their counterparts on the dense physical plane in the major and minor glands of the endocrine system. We are just beginning to understand how important to our well-being is the correct, interrelated functioning of the endocrine system. This, in turn, is dependent on the proper functioning of the vital etheric body which substands it. (Benjamin Creme, Share International Special Information Issue)

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Rallying call!

It has come to our notice that more and more people are receiving our information from the website alone, and thus forgoing the small cost of subscribing to Share International magazine.

Not everyone can, or does, use the internet, and it is essential to have an outer, physical expression, which can display with photographs, the events of which we speak. That means there has to be a magazine, which of course requires a lot of work from volunteers, and a lot of money to produce. There may be a notion that Hierarchy dishes out money for this work, but it is not the case. Subscriptions to Share International are an essential part of maintaining our work and reaching the public. The cost of the subscription is kept as low as possible, the magazine is not subsidised by advertisements and printing and postal charges are mounting all the time.

Surely we would all agree that all those who seriously believe in this work would want to support the magazine, whether or not they read the information on the internet.

Thank you for your support.

The letters published here describe encounters and experiences some of which were confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master, while the more recent letters carry no such confirmation. It is the writers’ and the editors’ experience, based on familiarity with such occurrences, plus the writer’s own intuitive response, which gives them the confidence to judge these encounters to be significant and meaningful – both personally and generally. Some experiences seem specific to the individual concerned while others speak for themselves in providing hope and inspiration to all. We present them for your consideration.


Dear Editor,
[Letter received December 2004.] The day after Benjamin Creme’s visit to Munich, I gave my first Silent Yoga Breath course in my new residence. Filled with the happenings of the previous day, I decided to go for a walk along the lake. It was one of the last warm autumn days, with a radiant sky. On my path, I came across a bench on which a homeless man lay in the sun. His eyes were shut, his hands were crossed on his chest and his legs were crossed over. There was an expression of calm contentment and cheerfulness on his face. I felt touched and had to smile, yet I walked on and gave the encounter no further thought.

On the same evening, I was in Munich for Transmission Meditation. On the way home, again deep in thought about events of the past days, I had to go up a long escalator. I looked up and could hardly believe my eyes as the homeless man from my walk came towards me on the other side. Again, he had his hands folded across his chest and he was looking straight ahead. For the first instant, I thought he was ill. Yet, glancing at his eyes, I was deeply moved by the radiation from them. It is hardly possible to describe how touched I was by those eyes. Deeply moved, I drove home. In a time of great financial tension, I experienced this meeting as a bright blessing which was to give me courage. Was the homeless man someone special?

A.S., Tutzing, Germany.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirmed that the man was Maitreya.)

Two letters from the same person:

Good direction

Dear Editor,
(1) On 14 May 2004, my daughter and I were on our way to the Transmission Meditation during Mr Creme’s stay in Tokyo. We happened to turn the wrong corner, when somebody called us by our family name from behind. We both turned around and there we saw a stranger, a man in his forties. He said, “You’re going to La Belle Aurum, aren’t you? Turn at the next corner.” Although completely puzzled, we both thanked him for his kindness and stared at him for a while asking in our hearts: “Who are you?”

Could you please tell us who this stranger was who knew our names and where we were going?


(2) At daybreak, early in December 2004, while I was still half asleep, lying on my face, I suddenly felt someone’s hand stroking my back through the feather quilt. I supposed it was my husband who was sleeping beside me, trying to calm my breathing as I am asthmatic, so I kept sleeping. Later in the morning, I found out that it was not him – so whose hand was it? Please help me to find the answer.

Y.T., Tokyo.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirmed that in both cases it was the Master in Tokyo.)

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Signs in the skies

Japan – Around 6.00 am 13 February 2021 a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck off the coast of north eastern Japan in the same area as the magnitude 9 quake that occurred on 11 March 2011 causing a tsunami. Within hours of the February quake a webcam focused on one of the nuclear power plant units at Fukushima Daiichi photographed several glowing aerial objects passing over the plant at low altitude.

The tsunami generated by the March 2011 quake severely damaged two of the Daiichi power plant units, leading to reactor core meltdowns and the release of radioactive materials. Days after the disaster witnesses observed and shot video of a fleet of UFOs above the plants. Benjamin Creme’s Master confirmed they were spaceships inspecting the air and sea around the stricken power station (see Share International May 2011) and later confirmed that the “Space Brothers” had neutralized much of the radiation released.

We can reasonably assume that the UFOs appeared after the earthquake on 13 February to inspect the condition of the power plant. (Source: Fukushima webcam; youtube.com mavi777)

Share International March 2021 images, a lighted, disc-shaped aerial object at low altitude is present in this photo, only one of many taken of the sky.

USA – On 22 December 2020, a witness in Tampa, Florida, took multiple photos of the sky while driving. In one of the photos a lighted, disc-shaped aerial object at low altitude is present. (Source: mufon.com)

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Capturing energy from space

by Claude Chaboche
(an excerpt)

For more than 120 years, throughout the world, a great deal of research has been carried out on the design of machines that can convert etheric energy (also known as ‘space’ or ‘free energy’) into electricity. Yet the general public is still completely unaware of this work. The reason is that most of the studies have, with rare exceptions, been censored and threatened by the political authorities of their countries and by powerful industrial lobbies. Producing energy from an unlimited and free source, accessible anywhere on the planet, means the end of the model of society that allows them to accumulate colossal profits every year from fossil fuels.

Despite attempts to hide the existence of free or etheric energy, science is making progress in the discovery of subtle matter. This is evidenced by the vast and numerous studies on this subject (some of which date back more than 75 years): Rupert Sheldrake, Erwin Laszlo, Nikolaï Kozyrev, Nassim Haramein, to name some among many. According to Japanese scientists Shiuji Inomata and Yoshiyuki Mita, who worked on the design of a machine of this type: “Today we are convinced that the universe is composed of a primary non-material substance, which can be described as a secret background that gives birth to all things”. In quantum physics we speak of ‘zero-point energy, which corresponds, without naming it, to the ether. The concept was developed by Max Planck in Germany in 1911 as a corrective term added to the equation of his original quantum theory dating from 1900.

Share International March 2021 images, Nicola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was an extraordinary visionary who filed more than 700 patents during his lifetime and is best known for his very important work in the field of electricity. But he was also the first to build a machine equipped with electromagnets that drew its energy from this infinite and inexhaustible source. His machine was equipped with an electromagnet coil, for which he obtained a patent in 1894.

Tesla had spoken with Swami Vivekananda* at length in 1896. Having assimilated the notions of akasha and prana, he adhered to the concept of a luminous ether as the source of the existence of matter. Tesla was not the only one to try to capture this energy. There were, for example, John Keely (1827-1898), Louis Boutard (1880-1958), Walter Russell (1871-1963), Thomas Henri Moray (1892-1974), Lester Hendershot (1896-1961), Floyd Sweet (1912-1995), Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) and Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957).

Some recent research

As many researchers have studied the design of this type of machine, we will only refer to the work of four of them: Bruce De Palma (1935-1997) with his N-Machine, Dr Paramahamsa Tewari (1937-2017) with his Space Power Generator (SPG), Dr Shiuji Inomata (1932-2001) with his Japan Psychotronics Institute (they adopted the concept of De Palma’s N-Machine) and John Bedini (1948-2016) with his Gravitational Wave Space Flow Engine….

(*Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) was an Avatar. He was a spiritual leader and reformer in India who combined Indian spirituality with Western material progress, maintaining that the two supplemented and complemented one another.)


Levelling the playing field?
Inching toward debt cancellation for poor countries

by Cher Gilmore
(an excerpt)

Appeals for debt cancellation started in the 1980s and early 1990s for and by poor countries saddled with International Monetary Fund (IMF) Structural Adjustment Programs, which mandated free-market policies such as privatization, free trade, fiscal austerity, and deregulation in exchange for loans. While these policies guaranteed desperately needed funds to recipient countries, they often led to recession, high unemployment, spending cuts on important social services such as education and healthcare, and greater inequality. They were deeply unpopular programs, but calls for debt cancellation went nowhere until an international coalition involving over 60 countries was organized in the late 1990s, calling for cancellation of all debt owed by the world’s poorest countries by the year 2000: Jubilee 2000.

Jubilee 2000 led ultimately to the cancellation of more than $100 billion of debt owed by 35 of the poorest countries, according to Advocacy International, but since that time developing country debt (not only of the poorest) has risen steadily and had reached crisis proportions prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the end of 2018, the total debt of developing countries stood at 191 per cent of their combined GDP – the highest level on record, the UN Conference on Trade and Development reported. Furthermore, much of the debt was caused by global, not internal, economic mismanagement, with the ascent of the so-called shadow-banking sectors – including financial speculators and ‘vulture’ funds – estimated to control about half of the world’s financial assets.

The Covid-19 pandemic has compounded the urgency of an already dire economic situation for these countries and actually stimulated a few steps toward greater debt relief, along with renewed cries for complete debt cancellation. In March 2020, over 300 lawmakers worldwide urged the IMF and the World Bank to cancel the debt of the poorest countries in response to the pandemic, and to increase funding to avoid a global economic meltdown. US Senator Bernie Sanders, who led the initiative with Minnesota Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar, said cancelling these countries’ debt was “the very least that the World Bank, IMF and other international financial institutions should do to prevent an unimaginable increase in poverty, hunger and disease that threatens hundreds of millions of people”….

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The following is the full table of contents of the printed magazine March 2020

3 Health and healing
(part one and two)
by the Master —

4 Point of view:
The rich, the poor
and climate change
by Graham Peebles

4 This month in Share International

6 Capturing energy from space
by Claude Chaboche

8 Basics of esotericism
The etheric world
by Aart Jurriaanse

10 The spiritual in modern art, part two: Wassily Kandinsky
by Corné Quartel

12 Signs of the time:
Signs in the skies

14 The heart – a compilation

17 “Life is sacred” –
Swami Nirliptananda

18 Levelling the playing field?
Inching toward debt cancellation for poor countries
by Cher Gilmore

19 Warming planet is an emergency
The voice of the people is clear – they want action on climate change
by Kenny Stancil

21 Letters to the editor:

23 Questions and answers
by Benjamin Creme

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