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Reincarnation - FAQ

Q. Why does soul incarnate in the first place?  

A. The soul comes into incarnation because it is serving the plan of evolution. It is an intermediary. The soul knows its purpose: to reflect the Monad through the threefold Spiritual Triad - atma, the will aspect, buddhi, the love/wisdom aspect, and manas the intelligence aspect. The interaction of these three produces the motivation for the life. As the antahkarana is built, higher and higher, not as a form but as an abstract state of awareness, the more these three aspects can be used by the man or woman. The manasic aspect is the first that can be used - the person becomes more usefully intelligent. They can use the intelligence factor to direct and shape their lives constructively, creatively, using intelligently the energy of creativity coming from the soul. When you make contact with the soul a creative life is inevitable; it could not be otherwise.

Q. What about the increasing number of souls entering the Earth plane. Where do they come from?  

A. According to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, there are 60 billion human monads - or sparks of God, 5.6 billion, only, of which are in incarnation. When not in incarnation these monads exist in a state of constant bliss, in a level of consciousness called Devachan - equitable to the Christian idea of heaven, until the time comes for their incarnation. The increasing number relates only to the fact that, increasingly, more and more bodies are being created on the Earth plane. This magnetically calls in souls who might not otherwise be prepared to incarnate at this time.

Q. Does the animal kingdom, including insects, have a soul?  

A. Animals, including insects, do not have an individualized soul, but are part of a group soul. So there is a group soul which is ëhorse', or ëdog', or ëcat', or ëelephant' and so on. Those members of the animal kingdom, that is, those who work with humanity - like the elephant, the dog, the horse, the camel, etc, domesticated animals - are the leading members of their kingdom, and through their association with humanity the mental energy of humanity is enlightening the mental equipment of the animal kingdom. Their intelligence is being stimulated in this way. The Master Djwhal Khul, who gave the Alice Bailey teachings, has written that in the near future animals - for example pigs, which have a developed psychic nature - will become mediums and act as a link between the physical-plane world and what Spiritualists call "the Spirit World". The ëSpirit World' is to my mind a very vague connotation: there are astral, mental, and spiritual planes, and there are many levels of each of these, so the Spirit World is not just one ëlayer' above this physical-plane world.

Q. How does the soul make its choice as to where, when and to whom it will be born?  

A. It depends on the evolution of the soul. Under the Law of Evolution, unevolved souls are drawn magnetically to the prepared bodies through karmic necessity; they have little choice. More advanced humanity, coming in under group law, are attracted to particular family and national groups (with which they have karmic connections) according to the world's need for such groups' energies at a particular time. Initiates enter under the Law of Service and choose (with the help of their Master) the family, conditions, etc., which will allow them best to serve in their special way.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005