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Ageless Wisdom teachings and spirituality

Basic tenets FAQ  

Q. What is the source of (this) information you are giving us? 

A. The Ageless Wisdom teachings are as old as humanity itself. These are the teachings of a group of men who have gone beyond the strictly human stage and have entered the next kingdom, the Spiritual Kingdom. They are the Masters of Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion. They are men and women like us who have expanded their consciousness to include the spiritual levels. There are a large number of these Enlightened men on our planet, Who have been living in the remote mountain and desert areas for countless thousands of years. From time to time They release aspects of Their teachings, in so far as we can absorb and use them, to enlighten us. In modern times the major expression of these teachings was given through Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, one of the founders of the Theosophical Society, between 1875 and 1890. Her book The Secret Doctrine is the preparatory phase of the teachings given for the new cosmic cycle which we are now entering - we call it the Age of Aquarius. A later phase was given through an English disciple, Alice Bailey, between 1919 and 1949, by a Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, and this is seen as the intermediate phase of the teachings. Between 1924 and 1939, a further body of teachings - the Agni Yoga teachings - was given through another Russian disciple, Helena Roerich. These Ageless Wisdom teachings are the means by which humanity is kept informed of its essential divinity and of its journey of evolution toward perfection.

Q. What will you say is the purpose behind creation?  

A. There is only one purpose that we can know about in the whole of cosmos - the service of cosmos by cosmos. If it is true to say that we are God, there is no such thing as God out there and us here. God is a state of Being, a state of consciousness. When you have that state of consciousness, you know that you are God. When you do not have that consciousness, you can be told that you are God but you do not experience it. When you experience it, when you know it, you can put it into effect. The first and foremost way to express that experience is through service. That is why there is this planet Earth, why there is a solar system, a universe. Think of the size of the Milky Way, our own galaxy, with its billions of solar systems, one tiny little corner of the universe. Think of this solar system, with its various planets - some more, some less evolved. Think of our own Earth, with the myriad creatures and individuals on it. All of that is the body of expression of an entity, a Being with consciousness. These are the outer forms of a great entity who is carrying out experiments. The experiments are Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, etc. These are experiments of an entity, the Logos, impelled into creative manifestation by the desire to serve. That entity is not separate from you and me. It is an aspect of the whole - a more advanced part of the whole than you and me but we are also parts of that same form. If there is a God which created all things, there can not be anything else. There can only be God. In the return journey, in the building of the antahkarana, that is the realization.

Q. What, then is evolution? 

A. Evolution is the movement by which life knows and expands itself, becomes aware of itself, and creates further, more involved and creative aspects of itself. Evolution is part of that cosmic process by which everything which we call life finds expression in matter. There is tension between the creative process in matter and that which stands behind, which is not matter. That tension sets in motion the creative process and gives opportunity for what we call God, the Creator, to expand and be creative. That is what we are doing. We are not different from that. We are God. Quite literally, we are God. There is not anything else to be but God. Everything you see, feel, and experience is an experience, real, relatively speaking, or unreal, relatively speaking, of what we call God, the Creator, the "Lord", as Maitreya calls it. The Self gives the Lord the opportunity to create differentiated fragments which are imbued with every aspect of itself.

Q. How did the human race come into existence?  

A. According to the esoteric teachings, the human race began eighteen and a half million years ago. At that time, early animal-man had reached a relatively high state of development: he had a powerful, coordinated physical body; a sentient feeling or astral body, and the germ of mind which could later form the nucleus of a mental body. The energy of mind - the fifth principle - was brought to this planet from Venus by the Lords of the Flame, and an enormous stimulus to evolution resulted. The human egos (souls) on the soul plane then took incarnation in animal-man, and humanity began. The Biblical story of Adam and Eve is a symbolic presentation of this historical event.

Q. Why do some writers say that we are fallen angels? What happened? 

A. This relates to the biblical 'fall' of man from 'paradise'. Essentially, each of us is a soul in incarnation, a solar angel. On the soul plane, each soul is an individualized part of one Oversoul; the separation we experience on the personality level is an illusion - the great heresy. The 'fall' refers to the decision - taken 18.5 million years ago - of the human souls to come into incarnation for the first time; to leave 'paradise' - the soul's natural state of perfection - for the experience of 'the fruit of the tree of knowledge'. This is a great sacrifice for the human soul for it involves severe limitation of its sphere of expression. The sacrifice is willingly undertaken, however, to carry further the Plan of Evolution of the Logos of the planet. Thus the 'fall' is really symbolic.

Q. Does heaven exist? 

A. "Heaven" is an inner state of Being or consciousness. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within," as Jesus Himself said. The Kingdom of Heaven is the Spiritual Kingdom, the Kingdom of Souls, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters and Initiates, the kingdom immediately above the human. It is entered into through the door of Initiation. It is the consciousness which results from the union of soul and human personality. The mode of achieving that union is meditation which is the means by which the true Being, the Higher self or soul and its reflection - the man or woman in incarnation - are fused together in the soul-infused personality.

There is also another meaning of "heaven". Souls not in incarnation spend a greater or lesser length of 'time' (time is a physical-plane concept of the human brain) in Devachan, a state of unending bliss, while awaiting the call to reincarnate. The Christian concept of heaven, while somewhat distorted, relates to this experience.

Q. You use the word God quite frequently. Could you give your view of what you mean by God? Can you define God? 

A. Curiously enough we don't often get this question but we got it last week, and then I said that this was probably the most difficult question to answer - who am I to say what God is? If I can say anything about It at all, I would say that in a sense there is no such thing as God, God does not exist. And in another sense, there is nothing else but God - only God exists. God to me - I am speaking intellectually now, from which angle one cannot know God, but since you have asked me for a definition (you have asked for the impossible, but I shall attempt it) - God is the sum total of all the laws, and all the energies governed by these laws, which make up the whole of the manifested and unmanifested universe - everything we know and see and hear and touch and everything we don't know or hear or see or touch, everywhere, in the totality of cosmos. Every manifested phenomenon is part of God. And the space between these manifested phenomena is God. So, in a very real sense, there isn't anything else. You are God. I am God. This microphone is God. This table is God. All is God. And because all is God, there is no God. God is not someone that you can point to and say "That is God". God is everything that you have ever known or could ever know - and everything beyond your level of knowing.

Q. If God were omnipresent, this would be Heaven. Why is there suffering?

A. You are a soul incarnating on the physical plane, through a personality, with a physical, an emotional, and a mental vehicle. All of these make up your personality, the reflection on this plane of a great god, your own soul - which is identical with the Logos of this planet of which we are all part. The reason we suffer, fundamentally, is because we think we are separate. Because we believe and experience ourselves as separate from God. If we could, from moment to moment, as the Masters of the Wisdom do, as the highest Initiates do, experience our selves as one with all that exists, One, and identical, we would realise that we and God are One. We would no longer suffer.

Q. What will be the eventual goal of this planet, in its evolution?

A. One day we shall know God. We shall know God really, when we have lifted ourselves, occultly, through the process of Initiation, through the agency of the Christ and the Masters. This planet will shine like a jewel in the heavens, and from it will radiate a particular kind of energy, a specific ray in its purity. This planet, like all planets, is governed by a particular ray, and absorbs and radiates energies. But necessarily, at the moment, since it is not perfect, since it is not even a sacred planet, the light emitted from this planet is dulled. The ray potency is relatively low. The quality of the colour is fragmentary, impure. One day, through the agency of man, this planet will shine with the brilliance of a diamond. That is the ultimate aim of this planet - to shine in the heavens in its absolutely pure form, radiating its specific ray in total purity.

Q. Alice Bailey founded the Lucifer Trust, which she later changed to the Lucis Trust -- what did she mean by 'Lucifer'? 

A. Lucifer is the name of a great Angel, not an upstart in heaven who revolted against God and was put down into the nether regions as the Devil. That is a complete misinterpretation. Lucifer means light, and comes from the Latin lux, lucis, meaning light. It is the name of the Angel Who ensouls the human kingdom; every person, therefore, is a fragment of Lucifer. According to the esoteric teaching, the human souls individualized 18-and-a-half million years ago. Lucifer, the Oversoul, diversified itself, and each fragment became individualized.

These individualized human souls descended from the soul plane into incarnation. The Ć«fall' of Adam and Eve from paradise is the symbolic representation of this event; it has nothing to do with the Devil or with Lucifer as an evil entity, but with the divine nature of humanity itself as souls.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005