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The Reappearance of The Christ
and the Masters of Wisdom


The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of WisdomIn this, his first, book Benjamin Creme made the startling announcement that the Christ, as World Teacher for the coming age, is already among us ― gradually emerging into full public recognition. And, further, that this great Spiritual Presence, known as Maitreya, is the same One expected by many religions, albeit under different names. Along with a group of highly-evolved spiritual men - known as the Masters of Wisdom - who have long inspired humanity from behind the scenes, Maitreya is here to promote cooperation among the many ideological factions, galvanize world goodwill and sharing, and inspire sweeping political, social, economic and environmental reforms. They are among us now as universal Teachers and guides for people of all spiritual traditions and those of none.

Creme puts the most profound event of the last 2,000 years into its correct historical and esoteric context and describes what effect the World Teacher's presence will have on both the world's institutions and the average person. Through his telepathic contact with a Master of Wisdom, Creme answers a myriad of questions well beyond the scope of his personal knowledge. New insights are offered on such subjects as the soul and reincarnation, telepathy, nuclear energy, ancient civilizations, problems of the developing world and a new economic order. And he clarifies misunderstandings about the anti-christ and the 'last judgement'.


The Christ and his reappearance
Disciple Jesus and the Christ / Orthodox and esoteric view of the Christ / How shall we recognise him / Stages of emergence / Day of Declaration / The Christ's Himalayan retreat / Rudolf Steiner's view of the Christ / The Mayavirupa ― Christ s body of manifestation / How long will he stay / Pentecost ― will Christ speak in tongues / The Christ Consciousness / Will he be rejected / Will his teachings be different now

The Masters and Hierarchy
Role of Hierarchy / Hierarchy on all planets / How many Masters in etheric bodies / Shamballa / Sanat Kumara, Lord of the World / Externalisation of Hierarchy / Avatar of Synthesis / The Master DK

Effect on existing institutions
Effect on orthodox churches / Secret societies ― their future role / New World Religion ― union of East and West / A 'scientific' religion / The Three Spring Festivals / The Turin Shroud / The Papacy

The anti-christ & the forces of evil
The Anti-christ / Will evil cease to exist / Role of dark forces / Satan and Last Judgement

How do you know this?
Why you / Are you John the Baptist / Communication with Masters / Overshadowing by the Christ

Can you define God / Why is there suffering / Goal of our evolution / Grace

The soul and reincarnation
Soul purpose / Service / Reincarnation / Is man unique in universe / Forms of meditation / Prayer - to whom / Initiation - the five steps / Initiation and telepathy / Psychic Powers ― attitude of orthodox religions / The aura / Etheric vision / Healing in the future - the Christ as healer / Future attitudes toward death / Alleviation of suffering / Education in future / Man's relation to planet / Animal evolution

Political effects
Prophecies of catastrophe / Violence today / The Reappearance and government / World language / United Nations / Democracy and Hierarchy / Work and unemployment / China and the Plan / Prophecies of Nostradamus / The women's movement / Nuclear family and communal living / Change in love relationship / Young people today / World resources [redistribution of] / Famine through non-distribution / Over-population - its causes / Food need in future / The Reappearance and materialism / Vegetarianism / Nuclear energy now and in the future / Neutralisation of nuclear weapons / Prevention of atomic war / New forms of transport

Will the Christ come in a UFO / The Masters and UFOs / The Space People / Earth's effect on other planets / Space exploration / The deva (angel) evolution / Man's progress to other planets

Ancient civilisations
Evidence of man's progress / A Golden Age ― Atlantis / Egypt and Atlantis / Religion - black and white magic


Colin Wilson, Books and Bookmen ...Creme seems to belong to the same group as Blake, Russell, Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey: a man who sees things that other people do not see, and who tells us about it all with sincerity and even a certain amount of humour, while people like Creme exist I feel there is a great deal of hope for us all.

The Book Reader A thoroughly remarkable book that crafts a penetrating chronicle of the universe and its mind-blowing powers.

Bette Stockbauer The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom offers a rare glimpse of the underlying preparation for an experience that has long been anticipated by people in all walks of life. The author, Benjamin Creme, tells of his own preparation since the 1950s to act as a bridge between humanity and the 'Spiritual Hierarchy' which guides our evolution. His constant contact with a Master of Wisdom has kept him informed of the unfolding of this great spiritual event, from the Christ's decision to return in 1945 until his actual re-entry into our lives in 1977. This is the first phase of a great planetary transition which will see many such great souls working among us and leading the way into the coming Aquarian Age.

Here we read Maitreya's first teachings. "Share with Me, My friends, in a great work - nothing less than the transformation of this world....My teaching is simple: Justice, Sharing and Love are Divine Aspects. To manifest his divinity man must embrace these three." He says that, "there is but little need for the...hunger, disease and anguish which beset mankind...through the process of sharing and just redistribution the needs of all can be met."

Through Creme's eyes, we also have a glimpse into the plan of the Hierarchy for our future civilization - the forms of education, religion and government which will emerge, and the powers of healing and telepathy we can hope to develop. We read answers to such basic discussions as the meaning of God, the purpose of our evolutionary journey, and the constitution of the spiritual evolution which underlies our physical world.

The events and discussions in this book offer direction for a world that many think has lost its way. They give a promise and a hope - that we are destined for a future of beauty, sharing, and peace.

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First published April 1999,