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Maitreya's Mission Volume I


Maitreya's Mission IThe new age and the appearance of the World Teacher

* Many are aware that a new spiritual age is dawning, hence the growth of 'new age' groups throughout the world. ...This is not a 'new age' fantasy, nor simply an astrological prognostication, but a scientific, astronomical fact: the result of the precession of the equinoxes or, in layman's terms, of the movement of our solar system round the heavens in relation to the twelve constellations of the zodiac. ...The energies of each age are different, and inspire us to create quite different civilizations.

* Cyclic law calls forth a teacher who comes into the world at the beginning or end of every age.

* Two thousand years ago Maitreya manifested himself through his disciple Jesus in Palestine by the process of overshadowing, and the Christian era began. He returns now as World Teacher for all groups ― religious and non-religious alike.

* On the 19th of July, 1977, he entered London, England, where he still lives as an apparently ordinary member of the Asian community. There he awaits an invitation from humanity to come forward as the World Teacher.

Changes in the world and their causes

* He has come to teach humanity the need for sharing. Sharing, he says, is divine. When you share you recognize God in your brother.

* Market forces are based on greed; Maitreya calls them the forces of evil.

Day of Declaration

* Before long, an international press conference will be held at which Maitreya will present his credentials. This will lead to the Day of Declaration, when he will appear on the radio and television networks of the world linked by satellite. On that day Maitreya will mentally overshadow the whole of humanity simultaneously. All will hear his words inwardly in their own language. This telepathic communication will reach everyone, not only those watching or listening, and hundreds of thousands of miraculous healings will take place throughout the world. On that day, there will be no doubt that Maitreya is the Christ and World Teacher. His open world-wide mission will have begun.

The teachings and work of the Christ

* The reappearance of the Christ today is the reappearance also, into outer manifestation, of the Spiritual Hierarchy of which he is the Head. ...These ancient Mysteries will be revealed, the fact of the soul will be proved, and man's essential immortality will be known.

* Contrary to the average Christian's belief that the Christ comes exclusively for them, he comes as the World Teacher, for all humanity. With the help of his Brother, the Buddha, he will unite East and West, and in particular the different approaches to God of the East and of the West. ...He will synthesize these two approaches in the new world religion. ...He will be in truth the World Teacher, come to inaugurate the new age of synthesis and brotherhood, based on the establishment of right human relations.


* A vision of Mary is like a talisman, and so is, for example, the Turin Shroud, which was left for the support of the faithful. It helps to maintain their faith in God and a true connection between God and man; it fulfills their yearning for a sign from God. And people do see not only visions of Mary, but many other things ― weeping statues, weeping paintings. ...There are many such manifestations. They are real.


* There are no hostile UFOs. The various tales of allegedly hostile UFOs notwithstanding, the UFO manifestation is the result of interplanetary co-operation and is totally peaceful and beneficent in intention. ...It is never their intention to scare people.

* The UFO is normally invisible...They are made visible to our sight by lowering the vibrational rate of these atoms and are rendered invisible again by returning to their normal frequency.

Spirituality and life in the new age

* "The word 'spiritual' does not refer to religious matters so- called. All activity which drives the human being forward towards some form of development ― physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, social ― if it is in advance of his present state is essentially spiritual in nature." In this statement from Education in the New Age by Alice A. Bailey, the Master D.K., I believe, focuses the shift in emphasis which must be made in our relationship to the world...

* Politics, economics, science, culture and education will soon be fundamental spiritual endeavours of humanity, embodying every aspect of the spiritual life. The religious groups, the so-called 'spiritual' and 'new age' groups, do not have a monopoly on spirituality.

Aims and possibilities

* Man will lose his fear of death.

* We will come to understand that our thoughts and actions from moment to moment set in motion causes whose effects make our lives what they are, for good or ill. So we will see the need for harmlessness in relation to others...

Environment and education

* Using a simple isotope from water, available everywhere, the fusion process of the future will give us unlimited energy for all our needs, safely.

* People will have infinitely more leisure and can avail themselves of the possibilities for exploring the wealth of culture and knowledge which we have available now.

* Quite apart from that, the focus of education in the future will be towards the fulfillment of soul intention and purpose. ...The child will be seen as a soul in incarnation with certain purposes. Education will be the means to enable these purposes to be carried out.

Health and healing

* I believe all people have the potential to transmit healing energies from some source or other, usually their solar plexus or their own soul. Meditation and service are the key methods of strengthening and fulfilling that potential.

* Everybody is a 'born' healer, but not everyone is drawn to heal. People are drawn to other things, to write, to talk, to inspire, to guide, to educate, whatever.

Expansion of consciousness

* The wilderness experience, particularly for the West, is the acceptance of a simpler way of life, so that all people everywhere can live. In fact, one of the Christ's main tasks is to release humanity from the glamour of materialism.

* The potent, self-serving, highly integrated individual has to give way, eventually, to the world server. ...The key to this change in consciousness is love, and through love, service.

* The Day of Declaration will surely evoke an enormous sense of relief from tension and fear...and inspire millions into a new life of aspiration and service.

Stages of initiation

* It is not essential to know the exact point where one is on the Path. ... On the other hand, to know at what stage one is is useful...

* One's soul brings one to initiation through meditation and service, the Master acting as a kind of midwife for "the birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart".

* Initiation is really the demonstration of the gradual spiritualization of matter by the soul. ...The degree of control...achieved in any life is carried over into the next.

* There are always several lifetimes between the first and second initiation, but the second and third or third and fourth may take place in the same life.

The Seven Rays

* The esoteric science postulates seven such streams of energy or rays, whose interaction, at every conceivable frequency, creates the solar systems, galaxies and universes. ... As far as our own solar system is concerned, these seven energies are the expression of seven great Lives embodied by seven stars in the constellation of the Great Bear.

* There are three primary rays, or rays of aspect, and four secondary rays of attribute. ... Rays of Aspect: 1st ray of Power, Will or Purpose / 2nd ray of Love-Wisdom / 3rd ray of Active, Creative Intelligence. Rays of Attribute: 4th ray of Harmony through Conflict, or Beauty, or Art / 5th ray of Concrete Science or Knowledge / 6th ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion / 7th ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic or Ritual or Organization.

* A knowledge of one's rays provides one with an insight into one's strengths and limitations, one's line of least resistance in this life, and also an understanding of the bridges and the barriers between oneself and others, erected by our individual ray structure. ... It will be obvious how this factor conditions the quality of married life.

The soul and the rays

* The line 1-3-5-7 deals with the form, the concrete world, with the function of matter, so that those on that line tend to be extroverted to the outer, formal aspect of life. The 2-4-6 rays are connected with the inner, spiritual life, with expressions through the medium of form, with quality, and those on this line are therefore more drawn to the inner soul quality through introversion.

* The soul ray remains constant from life to life...

Life after death, and rebirth

* The accumulated knowledge and experience, gained over a succession of previous lives, flows down from the soul level to the physical brain, which retains as much as it can consciously absorb, use and know. ... A genius, therefore, is someone who has a close and instantaneous contact with the soul, and can bring the wisdom and knowledge from that level down into the physical brain because the brain centres, which in most people remain unused, have been opened.

* For a few weeks or months (depending on the individual child) the baby does indeed remember its previous life, but this quickly fades as the impressions of the outer world impinge more and more on its consciousness.

The laws governing reincarnation

* On the soul plane there is neither male nor female, and the division of the sexes on this level is but a reflection of the polarities of the Father-Mother God whose union brings us as souls into being. Through repeated experience as both male and female, we eventually bring both these aspects into equilibrium.

Christianity and reincarnation

* Many of the early Christian teachers and theologians, Origen (185-254 AD) in particular, laid great emphasis on this basic law of rebirth. It was the Emperor Justinius who forced the Church Fathers at the 5th Ecumenical Council in 553 AD to proclaim this teaching anathema. This ban has, unfortunately, become part of the established church teachings.

Reincarnation, karma and past lives

* There is a misunderstanding, East and West, about the Law of Karma and its working out through the Law of Rebirth.

* The Law of Cause and Effect is the basic law governing our existence in this solar system... Every thought, every action that we have and make, sets into motion a cause. These causes have their effect...and we will experience that as 'good' or 'bad' karma.

* How do you get rid of karma, how do you deal with it? You cannot give it away. It is too heavy, nobody wants it. ...There is a very simple method. It is called service. Service is the way par excellence for getting rid of karma. ... Basically, it is the Law of Love...

Karmic effects

* ...The emphasis should be on finding a way of producing alternative, artificial organs, not the transplanting of existing, living organs from a dead person into a living one. ... When you transfer physical plane organs, you are really contributing to the karmic complexity of the individual who receives the organs. Each of us has enough karma to deal with, without being involved in somebody else's.

* However, in the case of blood transfusion, this condition is temporary, because the person's own blood always replaces that of the donor's in due course.

Other individuals and teachings

* The Christ, Maitreya, and Sai Baba each embody the same type of energy (the Love Principle) but at different levels... Sai Baba does not come out of our earth evolution but is a cosmic visitor, so to speak. ... These two great Beings, one Cosmic, one Planetary, work together closely for the regeneration of the world.

* It is my belief that Jeane Dixon correctly 'tuned into' an astral thought-form about the return of the Christ.

Meditation and service in spiritual growth

* Meditation remains the royal way to contact with the soul, but once this is achieved, the way forward for the true aspirant to discipleship is through the acceptance, also, of the life of service.

* The all-important thing in service is the motive behind it.

* I am often asked by people: am I where I am supposed to be? Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? It is as if they picture themselves manipulated by some unseen entities or forces into specific, ideal roles, actions and places. My answer is usually: what do you want to do? Where do you want to be? There is a whole anguished world to save, to regenerate, to serve.

Transmission Meditation ― its vital role

* Transmission Meditation is simple and yet it performs a number of different, very important facets of work. In the first place, it is an act of service. ... I know no other method of service which makes for such vast and quick inner spiritual growth.

* The advantage, too, of Transmission Meditation is that it does not interfere with whatever other kind of meditation one might do. On the contrary, Transmission Meditation will enhance the value of one's own meditation.

* In a year of Transmission work one can make the inner growth resulting from many years of other forms of meditation.

The role of service in the evolution of the disciple

* The basic impulse behind all evolution is that activity of the soul which we call service. Service is nothing less than the demonstration in relationship of the Law of Love .... It is the nature of God to love and to serve.

* As you serve, you change. Why do you change? Because service works in you to perform a miracle.

* Service is the lever of the evolutionary process.


Maitreya and the process of emergence
The media and the emergence / Delay of Maitreya's emergence / Events regarding the Day of Declaration / Maitreya's life in the Asian community / Making known the story of the Reappearance / Historical perspective

The teachings and work of the Christ in the new age
The teachings of the Christ / The work of the Christ / Maitreya's activity after the Day of Declaration / The Agent of Divine Intervention

The externalisation of the Masters of Wisdom
The Hierarchy / Disciple Jesus and Maitreya / The Masters in the world / Master Jesus / Other Masters / Contacting Masters / The Hierarchy and Forces of Materiality / Signs / UFOs

Spirituality and life in the new age
Spirituality / Aims and possibilities / Political and economic change / Environment and education / The arts / Health and healing / Mystery schools

Evolution and initiation
The process of evolution / Evolution of the soul / Evolution of life-forms / Planetary evolution / Devic evolution / The gospel story and the path of initiation / The requirements for initiation / Expansion of consciousness

The Seven Rays
A general view / Major ray influences / Virtues and vices of the ray characteristics / The rays of nations / The rays and planets / The rays of the individual / Questions on the ray list / Major rays and sub-rays / Personal ray structure / The soul and the rays / Soul focus and polarization / More individuals ― their rays and initiations

Life after death, and rebirth / The laws governing reincarnation / Christianity and reincarnation / Reincarnation, karma, and past lives / Karmic effects (Abortion / Organ transplants) / Other individuals and teachings (Sai Baba / Kali Yuga / Agni Yoga teachings / H.P. Blavatsky / Alice A. Bailey / St. Patrick / Lao- Tse / Krishnamurti / John the Baptist and Mother Mary / Prince Gautama / Others)

Meditation and service
Meditation and service in spiritual growth / Transmission Meditation ― its vital role / Transmission energy / Soul alignment / The Great Invocation / Transmission work / The overshadowing by Maitreya / Suggested reading / The role of service in the evolution of the disciple

  • The list of initiates ― their rays and stages of evolution
  • The Great Invocation
  • Prayer for the New Age

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