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A Master SpeaksIn every age, major and lesser spiritual teachers have guided humanity. We know them, among others, as Hercules, Hermes, Rama, Mithra, Vyasa, Sankaracharya, Krishna, Buddha, the Christ and Mohammed. They are the custodians of a Plan for the evolution of humanity and the other kingdoms of nature. This Plan works out through the agency of the esoteric Hierarchy of Masters of the Wisdom.

The Masters are those members of the human family who have made the evolutionary journey ahead of us; who, having perfected themselves ― by the same steps by which we advance ― have accepted the responsibility of guiding the rest of us to that same achievement. They have stood behind the whole evolutionary process, guiding and helping us, through a gradual expansion of consciousness, to become, like them, perfected and illumined.

The majority of the Masters live in the remote mountain and desert areas of the world, contacting the world but seldom, and doing their work through their disciples, mainly by telepathic communication. It is through this means that I have the privilege of being in contact with one of the Masters. For various reasons his identity may not be revealed for the time being, but I may say that he is one of the senior members of the Hierarchy, Whose name is well known to esotericists in the West.

His information, training and stimulus have enabled me to do the work I am engaged in: making known that Maitreya, the Christ, the supreme head of the Hierarchy of Masters, is in the world. He has been in London since July 1977. There he lives and works as a modern man, concerned with modern problems ― political, economic and social. He is a spiritual but not a religious teacher, an educator in the broadest sense of the word, showing the way out of the present world crisis.

One of the means by which my co-workers and I spread this information is the monthly magazine Share International. Since its beginning, in January 1982, my Master has been kind enough to write an article for every issue. The articles contain a wealth of wisdom, insight and information, and to make it easier to read them, we have collected them in one volume, under the title A Master Speaks.


Little though it may seem to be the case mankind is moving steadily towards its destiny. Despite the tensions and anxieties of the present situation, We, your Elder Brothers, have full faith that men will awaken to the dangers and take timely action to meet them. That faith stems, in large measure, from knowledge of the fact that men are not alone, but are, indeed, the recipients of care and succour from Us. We see men not as separate but as younger brothers on the path of evolution, facing and resolving, with Our help, the many difficulties and dangers which that path presents to the ignorant and the wise alike.

Men should understand that this is no ordinary or usual time; it is, indeed, a time climactic in scope and character, a time without precedent. For this reason alone, the problems and dangers are magnified and entail the most careful handling by men and Us. Our physical presence among men, albeit in relatively limited numbers as yet, ensures that Our help is forthcoming in larger measure than ever before, and will be equal to the task.

Our confidence is bolstered by the fact that Our Great Leader, Maitreya, Himself, is among men. His resources are vast. Behind the scenes as yet, He works ceaselessly to bring peace and progress to the affairs of men, seeking, within the Law, to disentangle the many warring interests, and so create the conditions on which true peace depends. Justice, alone, will bring the peace which men desire, and only when justice reigns will war become a fading memory. In almost every country is Maitreya to be found, creating a network of helpers in every field. Thus does He stitch together the fabric of the new.

These selected workers know well their task. They will soon emerge and bring new thinking to the world, showing how imperative it is to make justice the primary goal for men. They will show that this alone will end for ever the scourge of war, the pestilence of terror; that only a rational reconstruction of our economic structures will make justice possible and bring mankind together on a basis of trust. Thus will it be, and thus will the wisdom and precepts of Maitreya penetrate and influence the thinking of men.

Many now are responding to this teaching. In every country, groups are forming and demonstrating for a better life for men, calling for an end to war; justice and freedom for all; sharing as the natural and only way to guarantee the future of the race. Have no fear, men are awakening to the call, and will assuredly triumph.

December 2003

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First published April 1999,