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Breaking the biggest
story in history
Transcript from Los Angeles Press Conference
November 25, 1997
(Listen to or view this conference)

Benjamin CremeAnnouncer: For over 20 years, a man whom some call a modern-day John the Baptist has been traveling the globe, telling audiences that the second coming of Christ will not be a celestial spectacle in a distant future, but is instead a real event, unfolding since 1977, behind the scenes of everyday life, and signifying the reappearance of a great spiritual teacher for all people ― a World Teacher, who is not only Christ returned, but also the long-awaited Messiah, Imam Mahdi, Krishna, and the Fifth Buddha, all one and the same individual. This World Teacher, whose name is Maitreya, stands at the head of an enlightened group known as the Masters of Wisdom, who are here to help humanity solve the problems of the world.

The man with this earth-shaking news is British artist, author, and futurist Benjamin Creme. In 1982, at a news conference in Los Angeles, Mr Creme challenged the media to cover this incredible story as it was then just beginning to unfold. But news media declined, asking for more tangible evidence. Since then, tangible evidence of extraordinary nature and proportions has been amassing. And at a news conference on November 25, 1997, Benjamin Creme presented this evidence: photographs, reports, correspondence, and corroboration from a former United States government official, that Benjamin Creme's story is true. In the next half hour, this compelling evidence and highlights of Mr Creme's news conference will be shown, including his explanation of who Maitreya is, why he is here, and what this means for our future.

Mr Creme's perspectives about the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom derive from and continue the Theosophical teachings introduced by Helena Blavatsky in 1875 and expanded upon by Alice Bailey from 1919 to 1949. Both Blavatsky and Bailey claimed to have received their information telepathically from one or more of the Masters. Benjamin Creme also claims such telepathic contact. According to Theosophical writings, Maitreya and the Masters would emerge publicly sometime after 1975. Since then, second-coming prophets, preachers, and new-age visionaries have flourished, but Benjamin Creme has remained separate and distinct from them all. And now with fifteen years of hard evidence to back up his story, Mr Creme has proven himself to be arguably the most credible source of information about revelations leading into the new millennium.

Benjamin Creme: The Masters are our elder brothers, members of humanity who advance before us, a group of perfected, illumined, enlightened men who for millennia have lived in the remote mountain and desert areas of the world, and from there they have beneficently overseen and stimulated our evolution from the earliest times. Every cosmic cycle, one or other of these Masters comes into the world as a teacher for that time ― as Krishna, the Buddha, the Christ, Mohammed. These are all Masters, coming all of them from the same spiritual center of the world, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters and initiates who make the next kingdom up above the human. I was contacted by one of these Masters way back in January, 1959, and from then on was prepared and eventually sent into the world to make known the fact of the return to the world of this group of perfected men.

Maitreya, the Master of all the Masters, is the embodiment of the Christ principle ― that energy of love manifests through him and he releases it daily into the world. And as that is awakened in the human heart, so Maitreya can work through that individual. He comes to help us to change the world, and he sees the major problem for humanity in the discrepancy in living standards between the developed world (that's us), and the developing world.

At the moment, some 35,000 people die every day of starvation. Some 38 million people right now are facing starvation. Maitreya calls this a blasphemy ― millions of people starving to death in a world with a huge surplus, some 10% surplus, of food. He says, "Nothing so moves me to grief as this shame." That compassion is something which he wishes [to] and will generate in humanity. He says there is only one way this world will ever know peace, and that is if we create justice in the world. And there is only one way, he says, we will have justice, and that is if we share the resources of the world more equitably. Because he says the tensions inherent in the discrepancy of living standards between the developed and the developing world have within them the seeds of a Third World War. That war would be nuclear and would destroy all life, human and subhuman, on this planet. That war will not take place.

Maitreya is absolutely certain that humanity will respond to his call for justice and sharing, and so create the peace which everybody aspires to, everybody, if they have any sense, wants peace. But he cannot, without infringing our free will, simply hold up his hand and say "there shall be no war, there shall be no destruction." He cannot do that. The laws governing human free will do not allow it. So what he has to do, and what he will do, is to galvanize humanity into action on our own behalf.

Announcer: To support his claim that Maitreya and the Masters are here and ready to help solve our most critical problems, Benjamin Creme presented three categories of evidence at his news conference. One category of evidence, a continuous wave of miraculous events, has already been reported by news media ― although, says Mr Creme, reported as separate phenomena, without knowing that these events all have a common cause: Maitreya and the Masters.

Benjamin Creme: He has created millions of phenomena, miracles, which now daily bedazzle all those who come in contact with them. The visions of the Madonna, which for example appear to the children at Medjugorje every evening and give them secrets, similar visions which have occurred in many countries, wherever there are Christian groups around the world. Statues which weep real tears and blood. The statues which open their eyes and close them again. There is a 35-foot rainbow-colored Madonna which adorns a bank in Florida, people come every day to see this miracle ― which was vandalized and has restored itself to its original pristine color. The icon of Jesus in Sydney, Australia - a large crucifix which leaks liters of pure olive oil.

These are signs ― to the religious person, a sign that God is there, God is real, God is looking after them. They think it is an act of God. It is not an act of God. These miracles are the very definite acts of a science unknown to us but known to all the Masters, the science of the relationship between matter and energy, and the interchange of energy into matter and matter back to energy. The evidence of all of this is being shown in these extraordinary miracles ― the 40-foot-high crosses of light which adorn a fundamentalist Christian Baptist church in Tennessee. Then ― it happens a lot in England ― holy messages, when housewives cut the vegetables they find that the seeds of the food are rearranged and spell out "Allah is great, Mohammed is his prophet."

Healing waters which have appeared worldwide, as at Tlacote in Mexico, some of the most miraculous cures from cancer and AIDS down to warts and boils have been miraculously cured in this way. Such wells have been created by Maitreya all over the world ― one in Germany, a place called Nordenau where thousands of people have taken the water, and one north of New Delhi where suddenly an empty well gushed this water, which was found to have miraculous healing properties. Eventually, there will be 777 of such healing wells, distributed all over the world, and this will have a most profound effect on the health of humanity in the future. There is no end to this perfectly pure healing water which has been magnetized by Maitreya with cosmic energy. It is this which gives it its extraordinary healing properties.

I think probably one of the greatest miracles that the world has ever seen, on the widest possible scale, is the "milk miracle" which occurred in the Hindu community, north, south, east and west, wherever Hindus did puja in September 1995, the milk was offered to the gods and the milk disappeared. It looked in every case as if the statues lapped up the milk, it disappeared in seconds. In New Delhi everything stopped. Parliament closed, millions of people took to the streets with their cans of milk ― in fact, after four days they ran out of milk. Of course, these gods made of wood and teak and bronze and copper and so on did not drink the milk. The miracle was not that they drank the milk. The miracle is that the milk disappeared. It was made to disappear by Maitreya and a group of Masters who specialize in this particular type of miracle.

Also, there is a Lebanese Moslem child who weeps razor-sharp crystals, and yet absolutely harmless. She said that a man on a white horse, dressed in white, told her that this was going to take place and not to be frightened, and that it was a great spiritual sign for the Moslems of Lebanon.

And in this way, he is making his voice heard to the religious groups who need this kind of sign. It gives them hope, the hope that there is a spiritual connection maintained between what they call God and themselves, and that the future holds hope and that these are the signs of change, change in the ways of the world. And these changes will be activated by Maitreya.

Announcer: A second category of evidence presented at Benjamin Creme's news conference consists of personal accounts, reports from private parties who have met very remarkable people, people who in some cases have saved them in the nick of time from injury or even death. These private parties have written to Benjamin Creme at Share International magazine, of which he is chief editor, and had Mr Creme confirm that the remarkable people they met were either Maitreya or a Master. In addition to these reported encounters, there have been, according to Mr Creme, countless others all over the world, where people had no idea that they had actually been helped by one of the Masters.

Benjamin Creme: There was a survey taken in America not too long ago about angels, and whether people believed in angels. And it was found an extraordinary number ― I think it was up around 80% ― of people who said yes, they believed in angels and they had had some kind of experience, some saving situation by an angel ― they were healed or they were saved from an auto accident or such like. In every single case of saving by so-called angels, you have seen a saving situation by one or other of the Masters. They can make themselves as people imagine an angel to be. If people are a bit more sophisticated and maybe know a little more about the Masters, they come to them in their own perfectly normal appearance. And all of these millions of experiences of angels throughout the world are, and growingly are, the activity of the Masters.

Announcer: According to Benjamin Creme, Maitreya himself has appeared to individuals and also to groups of people around the world. One of these appearances was actually documented in a newspaper report, although, says Mr Creme, none of the media, including CNN and others who picked up the story, knew at the time that this was Maitreya.

Benjamin Creme: He appeared 'out of the blue' on the 11th of June, 1988, in Nairobi, Kenya, before 6,000 people. One moment he wasn't there, the next moment he was standing beside the woman dressed in blue. Her name is Mary Akatsa. She is a fundamentalist Christian preacher, and he spoke to them in perfect unaccented Swahili, the native language, for 15 or 20 minutes, and then he disappeared as amazingly as he had come.

Announcer: Another piece of evidence presented at Benjamin Creme's news conference is a declaration by a former official of the United States Information Agency. This official held a top-security clearance, and says that he has personally met Maitreya. He also says that other officials he worked with in the United States government, at the highest levels of other governments, and even the Vatican, know that Benjamin Creme's story is true, because these other officials say they have met Maitreya themselves.

A third category of evidence can be verified by anyone with access to a library or the Internet, or by news media through their archives. This evidence consists of forecasts of the future, predictions made starting in 1988, which amazingly included not only unpredictable events such as major earthquakes, but also the most dramatic unexpected shifts in political power since the Second World War. Unlike the often-generalized predictions of psychics, these forecasts specified the nature of each event, the country in which it was to occur, and, if major political figures were involved, identified them by name. The predictions were published in Share International magazine and sent to news media starting in 1988. The source of these forecasts, Mr Creme says, is Maitreya himself, who through his profound understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect, can see the consequences of human actions long before we see them in the physical world.

All the evidence taken together ― the wave of miracles, the growing reports of benevolent intervention in people's lives, and the astonishing forecasts of unexpected changes around the world, lend support to Benjamin Creme's claim that seemingly unexplainable, miraculous events are the work of Maitreya and the Masters and, wondrously, are only their calling cards.

Benjamin Creme: There has never been a man of his stature working openly in the world. He is a colossal avatar. He has cosmic and other energies working through him, which leaves him and the Hierarchy as a whole, if I can trust my own Master ― leaves him in no doubt that he will be successful. He is a spiritual teacher, in the broadest sense of that word, talking about the transformation of all aspects of life, until it fits into a basic spiritual reality: that we are brothers and sisters of one humanity, and the way to demonstrate the spiritual essence of our lives is through our actions. The simplest of all the changes we need to make is the distribution of the food and other resources of the world.

There is a group of high initiates, disciples of the Masters, who, in the everyday world, are administrators, financiers, industrialists of extraordinary success and achievement in their own right, who have worked out with the help of the Masters a whole series of interrelated plans which will solve the redistribution problems. And the number two priority after the feeding of the starving millions is looking after the ecology of the world. This world is very sick indeed.

The air, the waters and the soil of the world is polluted now to a degree that pollution from the Masters' point of view is the greatest killer in the world. Millions of people die every year from diseases which are actually caused in the first place by pollution. We have to change our ways. We have to simplify our lives, and we will find that when we are all living decent, civilized, simpler lives, living in correct relationship for the first time, that we will have a happier and richer, more profound experience of life, which is what everybody wants.

In 1975, five Masters came into five major cities: one into New York, one into London, one into Darjeeling, one into Geneva, and one into Tokyo. They were followed later by two others, one into Moscow and one into Rome. The one in Rome is the historical figure, probably the best-known Master of all the Masters, known to millions of Christians as Jesus. He will be one of the first of the Masters to come before the world when Maitreya declares himself openly to the whole world. There are now 13 Masters, plus Maitreya, working in the world in the major cities. Their energy is so tremendous, their power, their wisdom and love so beyond or comprehension, that that first group of Masters will help us to transform the world out of all recognition.

A new science will be given to the world. Maitreya calls it the Technology or the Science of Light. This will provide all power needed on earth. This energy will come directly from the sun, and of course its implementation will transform life on earth. No one will be able to corner the power of the future. The oil kings and sheiks will lose their power, as will those who control the gas and electricity, and above all the nuclear power stations of the world. The Masters call the nuclear power stations evil expressions of the greed and misuse of the power of man, and they advise their immediate closing.

There is a very simple fusion process using a simple isotope in water which is abundant throughout the planet which will give us unlimited, safe, fusion energy. And that could be an interim process to the technology of light. We shall lift 30-foot stones and deposit them to wherever we are building buildings that need that size, and we will do it by sound. An entirely new science is awaiting us when we take the steps to put our house in order, to create peace and justice and sharing in the world ― the Masters will reveal to us, by degrees, this extraordinary science which is the science of everyday life, although hidden and esoteric until now.

When Princess Diana died, there was an extraordinary manifestation of love from the people of Britain. Maitreya gave potency to this energy of love. It was, as it were, a rehearsal for the Day of Declaration. When Princess Diana died, there were very meager little plans for her burial . . . and, the people objected, and the people made their voices heard. And bit by bit the plans got wider and wider: horse carriage, a much longer route, millions of people came from all over the country, even from abroad, to just stand there and watch this cortege pass. Millions more, as I did, watched in on television.

Countless millions of flowers were put outside the palaces, on the grounds. It was an extraordinary manifestation of love, way beyond anything that had happened ever before or would have thought possible with the death of Princess Diana. But ― she had had an experience from Maitreya in 1989, he gave her a vision. This completely reoriented her life, and she began to enter life as a service activity. She got involved in hospital work, in shelters, among the homeless, and so on. She became an international figure for good, paralleling that of Mother Theresa, with whom she was great friends. Mother Theresa became her kind of role model. Now, Maitreya gave her an extraordinary power for healing, and it began to be noticed more and more. What we saw in the response to Princess Diana's death was almost a kind of rehearsal for the Day of Declaration.

When Maitreya declares himself openly to the world, when he is invited to do so by all the world's media, he's accepted, presented his credentials and they've said "Alright, come on, tell the world your story, your call," he will mentally overshadow ― he's omniscient and omnipresent, and he will mentally overshadow all of humanity simultaneously. He will come into telepathic rapport with each individual in the world, and each of us will hear him inwardly, silently, in our own language, as if he were speaking directly to us, which in fact he will be.

At the same time there will be hundreds of thousands of miracle cures, healings, taking place around the planet. His energy will flow out in colossal potency, through the hearts of all humanity. He has said it will be "as if I embrace humanity. People will feel it even physically." That energy of love will galvanize the hearts of all people. That, if it is anything like the atmosphere of Britain during the funeral of Princess Diana, will be the most extraordinary feeling that anyone has ever felt, throughout the world.

A major network in this country has invited Maitreya to come on a major program for an interview, and also in Japan two major Japanese networks have issued the same type of invitation. Then, obviously, and immediately after that, a succession of interviews on the BBC and all the major networks of the world.

In this way, Maitreya can present to the world his concerns. And he is a very practical person. He is not a religious teacher per se. Those who look for him as a religious teacher will probably not recognize him. Maitreya has said, when he appears many will follow him and see him as their guide, "many will know me not." And there are very powerful bulwarks of forces in the world, media moguls, political agencies, economic corporations and so on, who are very, very powerfully frightened, and against, therefore, this manifestation of Maitreya openly in the world. For their own purposes, they seek to hold it back, until it can no longer be held back. The time has come when it can no longer be held back.

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First published April 1999,