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Social justice issues 


Health care -- a right, not a privilege, by Jan Spence
An interview with Dr. David E. Smith, founder of a free clinic in San Francisco, USA, emphasizing patient needs over administrative requirements and medical protocol. 

An idea that can bring us together, Interview with Howard Zinn,
by Jason Francis

In an interview, author, historian, professor and playwright Howard Zinn discusses the need to promote cooperation, mutual understanding and sharing in solving the world's problems.

Venezuela's social revolution, by Patricia Pitchon
A survey of the dynamics involved in Venezuela's ongoing process of growing democracy while lifting millions out of poverty. 

The impact of social injustice, interview with Jan Pronk, by Eva Beaujon
Prominent European politician and United Nations official Jan Pronk analyzes the destructive effects of globalization as it has spread competitive capitalization throughout the world. 

Global Marshall Plan - a planetary contract
 by Dunja M¸ller and Dr. Michael Stˆger
 An interview with Professor Franz J. Radermacher about how a Global Marshall Plan can eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, as well as create environmental sustainability and international security.

UNICEF's State of the World's Children Report 2000
An urgent call to leadership

A summary of the advances made in child welfare, and the challenges facing the world community as it realizes that human progress is based on its commitment to children.Jan/Feb 2000

CEFEMINA, a world inside a world, by Jan Spence
A non-profit organization in Costa Rica creates community development and bright futures for women and families. 

Cardboard village and the Shogun's Law, by Tamae Ishiwatari
Discussion of homelessness in Japan as a violation of the traditional Shogun principle which gives top priority to the common good, including those caught up in the 'Catch 22' syndrome of social service rules and regulations. 

Guns to hoes -- a way to peace, by Tamae Ishiwatari
A report on the evolution of the 'Guns to hoes' movement in Mozambique, which is restoring hope to other countries in South Africa as they work toward community development.

We must preserve our culture, by Jan Spence
A discussion of the conditions surrounding Mexico's Mixtec Indians' search for jobs in southern California while preserving their pre-Columbian culture, and the US organizations which have come to their aid.  

The ATD Fourth World Movement, by Gerald Bitoun
A report on homelessness and poverty in France and the organization which, for 40 years, has sought to keep this human crisis before the eyes and ears of government.

Finding jewels in the gutter, by Ana Swierstra Bie 
Arne Skarpsno and his wife, Gerd, have spent eleven years making meals and distributing them to those living on the streets of Oslo, Norway - and have  found a source of love like no other.

Helping the street children of South Africa
A profile of Ashoka fellow, David Fortune, fostering social change in Cape Town, as founder of STREETS Community Development Association there. 

Helping the daughters of Buddha, by Monte Leach
An interview with Thai activist and author Dr. Chatsumarn Kabilsingh about her work in expanding women's awareness of their potential, particularly in the context of Buddhism's dogmas. 

A life with UNICEF, by Monte Leach 
Bangladesh's UNICEF Director, Rolf Carriere, relates his team's experiences while working to better child health and development in Bangladesh.

Lessons from an ancient culture, by Monte Leach
An interview with Helena Norberg-Hodge, about her work in a pristine, ancient Himalayan culture as it faced the siren song of western-style development. 

International Children's Aid: Journey to Croatia, by P. K. Ducane 
Peter Kingsley-Ducane details his personal experiences of divine guidance and insight before and during aid convoys to the children of Croatia and Bosnia. 

A new way of doing business, by Megan Jones
An interview with Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, whose success in the skin/hair care market has enabled her to share her vision of company-supported consumer activism in human rights, justice, and environmental sustainability.

Sleeping bags for the homeless, by Jan Spence
How Flo Wheatley's experience with the miraculous inspired her to start the My Brother's Keeper Quilt Group. 

Homeless in Russia: A visit with Valery Sokolov, by Jan Spence
Valery Sokolov, journalist and President of the fledgling Nochlyazhka Charitable Foundation in St. Petersburg, tells about homelessness in Russia and his surprise at finding homelessness in the United States.   

Women's World Banking a value system of self-determination, by Connie Hargrave
An interview with Michaela Walsh, founder and past president of Women's World Banking, a world-wide network which encourages women's economic self-sufficiency by helping them start businesses.  

Working against domestic violence profile of Ashoka Fellow Mmatshilo Motsei
A report about a a nurse in South Africa who initiated an organization to make the issue of domestic violence visible and influence the way in which institutions deal with it. 

The Hikoi of Hope, by Steven Robinson
An interview with Stephanie McIntyre, Anglican Social Responsibility Commissioner, who helped coordinate a march to protest the New Zealand government's policies toward the poor.  

Words of a Zapatista woman, by Carmen Font
Dalia, a member of the Zapatista freedom movement, explains the fight of Zapatista women for women's rights and the food, shelter, healthcare and education needed for their families to survive. 

A new approach to social living, by the Master
The present structures, which bind people to the drudgery of 'making a living', will give way to new ways of living, restoring meaning to life for everyone.

The people's voice, by the Master
Everyday people are demanding their rights as the inner call for freedom unites them against tyranny.

A new era dawns, by the Master
A new civilization will be built, based on justice, brotherhood and love, the principles which are basic to man's future progress.

The restoration of the Plan, by the Master
The return of the Masters to public service will galvanize people into restoring balance to a world in which millions now starve others 'parade their wealth before the poor'.

The blueprint of the divine, by the Master
The Masters' disciples live in every country, and will lead in inspiring man to transform the world.

Prelude to change, by the Master
World financial collapse will mark the beginning of a new way of living for man.

The common good, by the Master
Demands for justice, freedom, and honesty signal an era in which the idea of the common good will flourish.

The end of a barbarian age, by the Master
Commercialism has condemned so many to an inhuman existence as competition rages for life itself, but Maitreya will offer a new way based on co-operation and mutual respect.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005