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FAQ: Patterns of light


Q: (1) Can it be taken for granted that most circles of light appearing increasingly all over the world are all made either by Maitreya and the Space Brothers or by Maitreya? (2) If one stands on the spot where the sun and reflected light create a circle of light can one feel the energy? (3) Is there energy radiating from such light shapes? (4) Are they healing energies?


A: (1) They are created by the Space Brothers in association with Maitreya. (2) No. (3) Yes, light energy. (4) No, not necessarily on an individual physical level but they have a ìhealing dimensionî in a planetary sense. (SI, Mar 2002)


Q: (1) How long have these circles existed? (2) Is a reflection necessary for the creation of a circle of light (for example the reflection of a window)? (3) Is sunlight necessary for the creation of a circle of light? (4) What is the purpose of the circles of light? (5) Different forms of the circles of light have been discovered. Do these forms have a symbolic meaning? (6) Will there be more forms in the future?


A: (1) About four to five years. (2) Yes. (3) Yes. (4) They are signs – miracles without religious meaning. (5) No. (6) Yes. (SI, Mar 2002)


Q: Reports about the circles of light come from different places in the world. Are the circles of light in the whole world the same?


A: So far, more or less. (SI, Mar 2002)


Q:  Is the circle of light phenomenon a new phenomenon comparable to the crop circles?


A: To us, yes. To the Space Brothers, no, not comparable. (SI, Mar 2002)


Q: According to your information both crop circles and circles of light are manifested by the Space Brothers, the latter in association with Maitreya. Does this mean that mankind will finally learn the truth about its special extended family?


A: Yes, it certainly does. There is a huge conspiracy (there are many conspiracies, believe me), but there is a huge conspiracy about the UFOs. The UFOs are known by the major governments in the world to be real, to exist, to be very advanced spacecraft.


For years now the special agency dealing with UFOs in the US, which is not the government but a special department, have been developing a vehicle in a way which is closely aligned to the particular spaceships that they have seen and worked with and examined.


All the UFOs come from planets in our solar system, and the theory put about, and the conspiracy to keep that going, is that no planet in our solar system except Earth has life on it, which is totally untrue. In fact the spaceships come from planets which are infinitely more advanced than Earth. Most of the spaceships that you see are made on the planet Mars. Even if they are Venusian spaceships or from some other planets, they are often manufactured on Mars. All the Hierarchies of all the planets are in constant communication. This is a solar system, every planet is a part of a system.


Very soon some of this information will become better known, and Maitreya of course is constantly in touch with the Hierarchy of other planets and uses them on occasions In Australia, for instance, there is a drawing which they call Marree Man, which is about three kilometres in length. It is carved into the land, a desert area north of Adelaide, and very wide marks on the ground draw out a very elegant figure with one hand holding a boomerang. The drawing is made by Maitreya and the actual figure is cut into the earth by the Space Brothers. (See Share International September 1998)


From the April 2002 issue of Share International 

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005