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by Aart Jurriaanse

Discussion of how meditation creates alignment between the man or woman and his or her inner Self, the Soul.

Because man is incomplete within himself, only forming a small fragment of a greater whole, there is always a conscious or unconscious urge within him to seek closer co-ordination and union with that which is greater, but which as yet only assumes a vague and undefined form. This attraction is the driving force inciting him to seek the centre of his being, and which leads him on to the Path of Return to the All-Self. It is merely the Prodigal Son being inspired with that irresistible urge to return to the Father's home; but this Path is long and arduous, and the many obstacles will only be surmounted with the expending of great effort and after brave and persistent struggling for every step that is advanced.

The surest way of overcoming these subjective obstacles is by means of meditation. This practice is also known as the Science of Bridging – the bridging between various states of consciousness. It aims at producing sensitivity to impression from higher Sources, and for this purpose it must primarily ensure the construction of the Bridge of Light (ëantahkarana') between the personality and the Soul, followed subsequently by that which also links up with the Higher Mind and Intuition of the Triad.

Actually, meditation forms the foundation for all spiritual growth. By dint of certain techniques and strenuous and persistent invocative efforts of concentration, the aspirant learns to become aware of his real inner Self; he learns consciously to interpret the wishes evoked by the Soul, and to carry out its plans as far as these are comprehended at various stages of realization. Technically this means bringing the lower instrument into a state of receptivity and vibratory response that will correspond with that of the Soul. A vibration must therefore go out from the mind and brain of man to meet a reciprocal vibration emanating from the Soul. When these vibrations have been successfully aligned and synchronized, a rhythmic interplay and flow of energy will be effected, and a clear impression of ideas from egoic levels can then take place.

This contact of mind and brain with the soul may be achieved by suitable techniques of meditation, but may also be brought about by living a life of inner mental reflection, by disciplining the lower nature, by expressing goodwill and self-forgetfulness, and by rendering dedicated service to fellow human beings. Where permanent alignment between the soul and its instrument has been established, meditation may be shifted to a higher level and then serve to construct the ëbridge of light' connecting the personality with the Spiritual Triad, and thus allowing the intuition to come into play.

So often the one aim of the aspirant is only to effect contact with his Master, little realizing that his first and most important guide is his own soul, and that the Master can only be contacted through the mediation of the soul.

The steps to be followed by the aspiring meditator are firstly to practise certain physical disciplines and to purify his system. The second step will be to obtain reasonable control over the emotions, and thirdly he should aim at some measure of control over the wild horses of the mind.

For present purposes only the general principles affecting meditation will be considered, giving no attention to various systems and techniques which might be followed. Meditation is something personal, and the method and detail will vary from individual to individual, depending on the student's soul and personality rays, his stage of spiritual evolution, his karmic condition and demands, as well as the needs of his environment, of the group with which he is associated, and the contribution he can make towards improving human relationships and world conditions in general. In other words it will depend on the service that the soul has planned for that particular incarnation.

How fortunate the man who has a knowledgeable and experienced teacher to guide him, and who will be able to prescribe and adapt differentiated techniques for the aspirant's particular requirements. As a rule, however, aspirants have to make a beginning without any reliable guidance, and for them it is advisable to adhere to standard practices which carry in them the elements of safety and universality. Students who have incorporated meditation as a regular part of their daily routine should learn to avail themselves fully of the increased opportunities for contact which become available during the time of the full Moon. During these monthly recurring periods it is as if a door is being opened which normally stands closed. This door may then be entered, providing access to energies otherwise not available, and thereby improving the possibility of approaches to the Masters. This period of stimulated activity stretches over about five days – two days prior to the full Moon, the peak of the forces on the day of the full Moon, and the two subsequent days of shrinking activity.

When after due consideration of all the facts at his disposal, man decides to tread the Path of Light, trying to release the indwelling soul life from its fetters, and to disperse the mists and veils which have kept it hidden, he should apply his efforts mainly in three directions:

(a) By means of study he should acquire as much knowledge and understanding about man's constitution, and of the Ageless Wisdom in general, as his circumstances will allow.

(b) His subjective life should be expanded as far as possible by esoteric meditation, applied to the best of his ability. This should, however, always be undertaken with the full realization that he is ëplaying with fire' – the fire of mind and spirit, which may literally burn and badly damage the mental body if unduly stimulated, and allowed to develop beyond control. The secret is to see to it that balance is retained by undertaking all steps with discrimination.

(c) Should any subjective development occur, this must be allowed to find objective expression in some field of service to the fellow man. Without such an outlet the unfoldment achieved will be obscured by the generated energies. Providing he is serving to the best of his ability, and is inspired by altruistic motives, then the nature of expression of such service is immaterial, and will vary with the individual, the rays under which he is functioning and which determine his character, as well as the environmental circumstances.

Excerpted from the book Bridges by Aart Jurriaanse, ISBN 3-929345-11-0, further info:

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005