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Health and healing 


Health and healing (part 1), by the Master –
Hierarchy stimulates new research into solving man's most serious diseases, many of which are of ancient origin and are the result of separation.

Health and healing (part 2), by the Master –
Misuse of soul energy and wrong relationship cause disease. The Masters will point the way forward to vitality and health.

Health and healing
A selection of quotes from Maitreya, Benjamin Creme's Master, and Creme's own writings highlight the cause of disease and the variety of available resources for healing.

Tapping away the world's trauma, Interview with Caroline Sakai by Michiko Ishikawa
Psychologist Caroline Sakai discusses the Callahan Technique of Thought Field Therapy, which is helping many people learn to heal themselves of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Ensuring health care as a global human right, Interview with Benjamin Creme, by Monte Leach
An interview with Benjamin Creme explaining why health care, food, shelter and education, are basic human rights which must be made available to everyone.   

Aiming to cure blindness, by Jason Francis
An interview with Dr. Geoffrey Tabin, co-founder and co-director of The Himalayan Cataract Project, which is treating an increasing number of blind people in the developing world, thereby restoring them to active life.

Medical science and healing, by Aart Jurriaanse
A discussion of the role of energy and the etheric body in healing, and the importance of the energy of Love in the relationship between healer and patient.  

Holistic health, by Edward V. Brown
A discussion of the history and meaning of the holistic approach to healing, and its integration into traditional medicine.

The healing power of service, by Edward V. Brown 
A discussion of the healing value of the positive interrelationships generated in serving one's fellows. 

Peering into the mystery of disease, Interview with Bernard Muschlein, by Monte Leach
An interview with German researcher Bernard Muschlein, whose work with a new microscope challenges the long-held assumptions on the nature of disease. 

The body as hologram: Interview with Ralph Alan Dale, by Connie Hargrave 
An interview with Dr. Ralph Alan Dale about the uses of acupuncture in healing, based on the model of the body as holographic.

Energetic medicine: new science of healing, by Adrian Jackson
An interview with Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, specialist in oriental medicine, about new diagnostic technology which detects chakra function in the human body. 

Integrated medicine for all, by Connie Hargrave 
Researcher Hargrave interviews Drs. Owen and Jean Schwartz, a Canadian counseling team who help people reconnect with their divine essence in order to overcome emotional trauma. 

The chakras and radiatory healing, by Zachary F. Lansdowne
A detailed discussion of the human chakras and the associated methods of esoteric healing.

The problem of AIDS, by the Master –
Healthier attitudes are needed to address this disease, which is caused by misuse of soul energy.

AIDS -- its cause and cure, by Benjamin Creme 
An analysis of AIDS, and its relationship to the world in which we live.

Healing oneself of AIDS: two case studies, by Cielito Pascual
Two accounts of AIDS patients who healed themselves through Self-realization. 

Homeopathy validated?, by Edward V. Brown
A short history of homeopathy and a survey of research pointing to its validity. 

Homeopathy, a system to regain harmony, Interview with George Vithoulkas, by Felicity Eliot
An interview with George Vithoulkas, an internationally known writer, lecturer and homeopath, explaining the homeopathic approach to healing, its method and goal. 

New choices for healing ourselves, Interview with Richard Gerber, by Edward V. Brown 
An interview with Richard Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine, about the range of treatments available, along with conventional medicine, in a holistic approach to healing.

Colour therapy, by Jim Vaccarella 
A discussion of colors as energies, and their application in healing treatments.

Musicosophia, or the art of creative listening, by Andrea Bistrich and Andreas de Bruin
An interview with George Balan, a Romanian musicologist and philosopher who founded a school which teaches students how to unlock the wisdom hidden in the music of the European masters. 

Health care – a right, not a privilege, by Jan Spence 
An interview with Dr. David E. Smith, founder of a free clinic in San Francisco, USA, emphasizing patient needs over administrative requirements and medical protocol. 

Recovering the soul, Interview with Dr. Larry Dossey, by Betsy Whitfill
An interview with Internist and author, Dr. Larry Dossy, about evidence showing the power of the mind and prayer in healing, and its key role in restoring spiritual meaning to life. 

Spanish opticians help Bosnians with eye problems, by Carmen Font
A report about “ptics x m”n (Opticians for the World), a Spanish group dedicated to providing eye glasses to disadvantaged people, and to increasing the number of optical centers in countries ravaged by war or poverty.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005