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Environmental Issues - FAQ


Q. Have we not gone beyond the point of no return in pollution of the world?

A. I do not think so. I believe that the world can be saved. It is like the human constitution, enormously resilient, and if we tackle it in time (which means now and over the next 20-30 years) in an intensive fashion, we can restore it to health. With the Hierarchy working openly in the world (without Maitreya and the Masters then perhaps we would not do it, or so half-heartedly that we would not win) and with help from the Hierarchy of other planets (which is going on all the time), I have not the slightest doubt that this Earth not only will be saved but will become the garden of the Solar System, which in fact it is.

Q. Please explain the reason for disasters such as floods earthquakes and the like. Must they happen before the good times arrive?

A. Many of the disasters are the direct result of our wrong thought and action. For example, most of the earthquakes which occur do so as a result of underground nuclear tests which are carried out by several nations. An earthquake, not necessarily in the vicinity of the test, is the inevitable result of such activity.

Furthermore, the pollution of our atmosphere, of the oceans and rivers, upsets the balance of nature. The nature elementals respond, through floods, hurricanes and so on, to purify the planet of these destructive energies. I am afraid that more such disasters are forecast as the purification process reaches a peak.

Q. What are the devic elementals?

A: They are elemental forces which control and organize the patterns of nature. They are energy forces and respond to human thought. When our thoughts are in equilibrium, they are in equilibrium. When our thoughts are destructive and chaotic, as today, the devas go out of equilibrium. This has resulted in the complete distortion of the world's weather. For instance, we see floods, major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, torrential rain where they have never been known, lack of rain where it was normal; hurricanes. All of these phenomena have been with us since we can remember but in controlled patterns. All of that has gone. There is no set pattern in the world's weather today. When we come into equilibrium by creating the conditions of equilibrium - living together in peace, sharing the resources of the world, creating, thereby, harmony in the world - the devas will return to their preordained forms and patterns and create equilibrium once again. They respond directly to human thought.

Q. Can you comment on the effect of humanity's actions on the world's weather patterns?

A: We do have a direct effect on our environment. Very soon, under the tuition of Maitreya and the Masters around Him, humanity will come to understand that what we call God, what we call nature, our environment, and what we call humanity are one. There is no separation between these. Everything, according to Maitreya, is interconnected. Every atom, every particle within every atom, is related to every other particle throughout cosmos. Therefore, what happens in one aspect of creation inevitably has an effect on another. Humanity is part of its everyday environment; we call it nature. The destructive thoughtforms of humanity create the conditions of imbalance and tension in the world. The imbalance between the developed world and the Third World - the poverty and suffering which ensues from that imbalance - and therefore the thoughtforms of pain, agony and of destruction, pour into the mindbelt of the world. They affect what are called the devic elementals whose work it is to control the weather patterns of the world.

Q. Does the implementation of the Lord Maitreya's Teachings also give a solution to the problems of environmental pollution?

A. Yes, most certainly. You will find that the basis of Maitreya's teaching is right relationship: between man and man (and woman); man and God; and between man and his environment, the planet. We will come to understand that man, nature and God are One, and that a proper care of the planet (and all the kingdoms in it) is essential to the well-being of the whole. In practical terms, we can look forward to a much simpler style of living (the developed West, that is) without the gross over-production (through competition) and wastage of resources that we have today. The built-in obsolescence which is so much a part of modern industrial policy will have to be replaced by regard for conservation of materials and the environment. Noise pollution - one of the most harmful to health through its effect on the etheric body and the nervous system, though seldom emphasized - is relatively easy to deal with.

Q. How is the damage already perpetrated against the earth going to be healed?

A. When the Lord Maitreya works openly, this will set in motion a dynamism which is presently lacking in the approach to these problems. The nations have known for half a century about world hunger - the non-governmental agencies bring this question before humanity over and over again and little or nothing is done about it. At the same time, scientists show the nations the damage we are doing to the planet, the ecological damage resulting from the overuse and misuse of resources: the poisoning of the land, the rivers, the oceans and the air we breathe.

The number one priority immediately following the Appearance and acceptance by humanity will be the saving of the starving millions of the world; Maitreya will advocate a crash programme of aid. After that, the number one priority will be the saving of the planet - the changing of our political and economic structures which will enable a sustainable economy to be created - for example, the world's primeval forests, on which we depend for our very oxygen let alone the medicinal plants which are 'stolen' by the pharmaceutical industries today, will be maintained. Every man, woman and child on the planet, I would say above four years of age, has to be engaged on this. Maitreya will recommend - and there are groups now all over the world responding to this idea - a sustainable economy: we will have to live more simply so that all of us can live, and so that our children's children, on into the future, can live on Planet Earth. The Earth can sustain approximately 3.5 billion people with comfort. At the moment we have 5.5 billion and will have an estimated 10 billion in a very few years. With the transformation of the economic structure, when people will have the ability to live decent, civilized, dignified lives - the kind of life we take for granted - we will find that the incidence of large families will diminish, even in the Third World, where it is mainly an insurance for old age.

Q: When humanity comes to show love, justice and sharing what effect will that have on the weather ? (2). Is the climate affected by our attitudes to life?

A. Not so much the climate (that is to say, relatively hot or cold climes), but the weather is affected by our attitudes. While we are in disharmony, with much confusion, war, and great discrepancies in living standards; when millions starve unnecessarily and millions more live in constant anguish and want, we set up destructive forces which inevitably affect the elemental lives whose activity creates the weather world wide. They react inharmoniously and earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc, are the result. When we come into equilibrium, they and the weather will become more predictable and 'normal'.

Q. What is the Master's view on nuclear reactors dangers?

A. (The Master:) Our advice is to close down all nuclear fission reactors without delay. They are a major source of deadly pollution. Life on this planet would be utter misery were it not for the help of our Space Brothers who neutralize this pollution and render it harmless within karmic limits. Fleets of Their space ships, using implosion devices, do this on a daily basis.

Q. What is the significance of the Chernobyl incident in terms of the viability of nuclear power as a safe means of energy?

A. It is obvious that this unfortunate accident demonstrates, once again, how volatile and potentially dangerous is our present (fission) method of using nuclear energy. Significantly, the Russian scientists involved have said that the explosion and subsequent overheating of the fission rod occurred in a way which could not have been predicted from current scientific knowledge. If this is true, therefore, the same dangerous situation may well exist in every nuclear plant in the world. That being so, there is only one answer to the problem: the closing down of all nuclear plants and the abandonment of the current fission method of extracting energy from the atom. This would release the resources for full-scale research into the fusion process - already theoretically possible. Using a simple isotope from water, available everywhere, the fusion process of the future will give us unlimited energy for all our needs, safely.

Q. How does underground nuclear testing affect the environment? 

A. It is impossible to have an underground nuclear test without creating an earthquake - not necessarily in the immediate vicinity but anywhere in the world. Of every 30 major earthquakes, some 21 or 22 follow a nuclear explosion. There are other reasons for earthquakes, but the vast majority are the result of underground nuclear testing. We need not test nuclear bombs. The scientists involved in nuclear testing are trying to maintain their jobs by producing refinements of the existing mechanisms of the various bombs. Just as in the commercial fields companies are producing more and more prettier-packaged goods to keep their products going, so the scientists are producing refinements of their technology simply to keep the technology going, and with it their jobs. Self-interest is causing these earthquakes.

Q. Sai Baba and a few others say that there will be a New Age but there is going to be a great cataclysm before it. 

A. Sai Baba has published a statement completely and categorically denying that He ever made such pronouncements. There are many pronouncements coming through mediums, 'channelled', as they call it, from the astral planes (in particular the fifth astral plane) from various misguided 'guides'; there is no truth in these prognostications, and they should be ignored and given no energy.

They are focused on the astral planes by the forces of materiality precisely to frighten humanity; this mischievous information is deliberately meant to prevent the inauguration of the new structures. If humanity takes all this seriously it becomes afraid, and when it is afraid it creates a thought-form of catastrophe which can precipitate the very thing of which it is afraid. That is the technique of these 'forces of evil', as we call them - the forces of materiality - to create a thought-form of violence, destruction and catastrophe.

There is catastrophe - it is as if people could not get enough of it, they have to invent it; there are 1,200 million people living in official, absolute poverty: all of that is catastrophe. We are desecrating the planet: burning up the forests on which we rely for the very oxygen that we need to live; despoiling the earth - poisoning it with pesticides, with pollution. With nuclear tests we are creating earthquakes - every underground nuclear explosion is followed inevitably by an earthquake.

The nuclear power-stations of the world are pouring into the air thousands of tons of radio-active waste. All of that is catastrophe - the real catastrophe.



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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005