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FAQ: crop circles

Q. Is there any relation between Maitreya and the crop circles?

A. The crop circles are created by the phenomenon we call UFOs, and there is a relation between Maitreya and the UFOs. These UFOs come, in the main, from the planets Mars and Venus. Our Hierarchy is in contact with the Hierarchies of Mars and Venus; all the Hierarchies in our system are in contact with each other. All the planets of our system are inhabited, without exception, but if you went to Mars or Venus, of course, you would see no one; they are all in higher etheric matter. If you have the higher etheric vision you see them as perfectly normal, slightly different, but not all that different, from ourselves. They are not little green people with protuberances coming out of their heads!

Q. How do you interpret the phenomenon of the crop circles?

A. My information about the crop circles is that they are created by what is generally called UFO activity. The UFOs come in the main from Mars and Venus, not from outside our solar system. All the planets of this system are populated, though if you went to Mars or Venus you would see no one at all -- they are all in higher etheric matter. The UFO phenomenon is distinctly related to the Reappearance of the Christ and the externalization of the work of the Hierarchy, and we owe them a great debt. Their surveillance of this planet is total and energetically of enormous benefit to the world. What the Space People are doing in the crop circles in particular is recreating to a certain degree the ëgrid' of our earth's magnetic field on the physical plane. Each of these crop circles is a chakra, as it were, a vortex of magnetic energy, and they are spreading out around the world, having started in England. They were dismissed in the first place, as always, by the sceptics. I do not mind if they dismiss them as a mystery which cannot be solved but to dismiss them as ëëcreated by a freak wind'' -- that is just stupid, and patronizing to human intelligence. Nobody of average intelligence would believe that is even possible -- you only have to inspect the circles to realize that. But to make sure that that thought did not gain credibility, they began to put rectangular bits on to the circles -- and there is no wind that works in rectangles and triangles and these complex configurations. They are all ëideograms', and if you were familiar with the ëideography' of ancient Atlantis you would recognize some of them. They are meant not to be recognized as to their meaning but that they do have a meaning, and many people will ëuntuit' these. They are a reminder of the ancient connection with the Space Brothers.

Q. Why are the vast majority of the crop circles found in England?

A. This is an oblique, subtle way of drawing attention to the fact that Maitreya is in England.

Q. For several years, mysterious circles have been appearing in British cornfields, among other places. The media have been giving more attention to this phenomenon lately. Are they caused by Flying Saucers, as some people think, by Maitreya's Lightship, or is there another explanation for them? A Harrier jet crashed near one of these circles. Do they create magnetic fields which could have interfered with the plane's instruments?

A. These circles, which have been known to ëUfologists' for several decades, are indeed the result of action by the Space Brothers and their UFOs. They are created and left deliberately as a sign of their presence, the extraordinary structure and precision of the circles being a testimony to their higher science (none of the corn, though folded into spiral and other formations, is ever destroyed). They do indeed create a magnetic field around them but this has nothing to do with the aircraft accident. In fact, it was the body of the pilot of the jet which was found near one of these circles. The plane itself crashed later in the Irish Sea.

Q. What is the purpose behind the appearance of corn circles over southern England (and elsewhere)? If they are made by Space Visitors in UFOs, is it possible that the activity will be photo-graphed by the team of observers now active in Britain?

A. Apart from some few isolated hoaxes (very crude attempts to replicate the mysterious corn or crop circles), these circles are made by UFOs manned by the Space Brothers. They have several levels of purpose. Firstly, they are a continuous reminder to us of their presence in our skies. More importantly, each circle is magnetized and occupies a specific place in the lines of magnetic force in our Earth's magnetic field. Each circle is a vortex, drawing energy in and radiating energy to its surrounding area. Together (they are not haphazardly placed) they form a ëgrid' or interrelated energy system of much benefit to us. Since this grid is formed scientifically, it is most unlikely that any group of observers, however well-meaning, would hit on the exact spot on which to observe the creation of any future circles. The Space Brothers are unlikely simply to ëoblige' with a circle. They do not waste energy.

Q. In the British newspaper Today (9 September 1991), there is an article carrying the headline ëëMen who conned the world,'' in which two British artists admit ëëthey pulled off the great ëcorn circles hoax' for 13 years.'' These two men claim that they have performed the hoax by creating the corn circles all over southern England and demonstrated their ability to do so in a field near Sevenoaks, in Kent. Could there be any truth in the story?

A. There have certainly been a number of hoaxes perpetrated, but usually they have been singularly clumsy. These two men appear to have perfected a method (I believe just recently) whereby they can create a circle which looks unmade by human hands. However, there is absolutely no way in which two men could be responsible for the creation of many large, intricate, complicated designs in different parts of the country which have appeared simultaneously. Nor does their claim explain the appearance of large numbers of circles in Germany, Japan, USA, Belgium, Canada, etc. The men say they have admitted the truth because of the large amounts of money some people were making out of ëëtheir circles, presumably referring to the various books which have appeared recently on the subject. One wonders how much Today and its proprietor, Rupert Murdoch, have paid the men for their story. Interestingly, they do not claim the multi-location which would be necessary to create the widely separated circles. The fact remains that they are created, apart from the few hoaxes, by the Space Brothers as part of a long-term energetic service to this world, as time will certainly show.

Q. Do the Space Brothers make crop circles all the year around, perhaps on bare ground or grass, which would not be visible to us? Or do they only work in the summer months when the fields are full of crops?

A. All the year round -- and they have been doing so for many years now.

Q. (1) Is this magnetic grid that is being created replacing the ancient leyline grid? (2) We noticed energies close to Stone-henge. Knowing that you have said that Stonehenge is now dead, could these energies have been coming from a pictogram in a field directly south of the monument?

A. (1) No. The lines of the magnetic field slowly change position. (2) Yes.

Q. Are the new crop circles created by UFOs actually being used by them now or will they lie dormant until the entire grid system has been completed?

A. They are not ëused' by the Space Brothers, but created for our present stimulus and future use.

Q. Why are the crop circles made in corn?

A. Because corn is seasonal and lends itself to this kind of activity without being ëindelible'.

Q. Is the corn that is harvested from a crop circle energized and if so is the food that we get from it energized also?

A. Yes, but that is not the purpose behind the circle.

Q. Curious at reports of crop circles in Wiltshire, England, I travelled there with a friend to see for myself. Both of us had back pain and we sat in a formation of eight circles wondering whether we could feel any energies; nothing. After half an hour we left. I suddenly noticed that my backpain had vanished. So had my friends'. Are these circles known to have healing energies?

A.  No. They are not specifically healing energies but could have a healing effect.

Q. Is it beneficial for people to absorb the energies from the crop circles?

A. Yes, very much so. But care should be taken not to over-stimulate.

Q. Is there a difference in the energy at different places within a crop circle formation?

A. No.

Q. Why do the energies feel different in different circles?

A. Because they are different. Those created by Venusian ships, for example, are quite different from those made by Martian ships. To those sensitive to these energies the differences are obvious.

Q. What is the difference in quality between the Martian and Venusian circles?

A. Very little. Venus is immeasurably more advanced than Mars, but as far as these circles are concerned, the difference is minimal.

Q. Is there any difference in the effect of the vortex or chakra in the cornfield if it is created by a Martian or Venusian ship?

A. There is a slight difference in the long-term effect. For all practical purposes, they are -- to us -- the same.

Q. (1) Do any of the pictograms depict the bodily form of Martians or Venusians to familiarize us with them in order to reduce our fear? (2) Would you be permitted to tell us what they look like?

A. (1) No. (2) They look very much like ourselves. Man is universally present in creation.

Q. (1) Do the Space Brothers travel in their vehicles in large groups or individually, and (2) how do they share out the task of crop-circle creating?

A. (1) They work in large groups. (2) They can count.

Q.  Why do they produce circles and these geometric patterns?

A. To prove to our stupid ëscientists' that the circles are not made by freak winds.

Q. Does the energy follow the direction the corn is lying in?

A. The corn lies in the direction in which the energy flowed.

Q. A pilot flying over the mountains in Idaho a few months ago spotted a perfectly shaped giant ëYantra' or Buddhist graphic drawn into the earth. When it was investigated there were no footprints or signs of human life anywhere in this remote area. Who could have done this? Is it related to the crop circles in England?

A. My information is that it was entirely man-made, has no relation to the crop circles phenomenon and is (literally) a giant hoax.

Q. Does Maitreya say there is really life on other planets and there are beings who come to the Earth just to protect us?

A. Maitreya has not so far said so directly, but recently he spoke of other beings in space, far advanced, who have always protected humanity.

All the planets, without exception, are inhabited. In my experience, UFOs are absolutely real. They cannot usually be seen by us because their normal state is on the higher etheric, not solid, physical levels. When we do see them, this is because they lower the vibrational rate of the vehicles to come within our vision, as a temporary manifestation. They are there all the time in their thou-sands and even millions. They help us in many ways and without them this Earth would be a very painful place indeed. They mop up a great deal of the nuclear radiation which we release into the atmosphere through nuclear experimentation. Even if a test is underground, contaminated, poisoned dust flies up into the atmosphere. The space beings have ëimplosion' devices which neutralize this nuclear radiation. Without their assistance our rivers and streams would be undrinkable; we would, literally, be dying. There would also be large numbers of deformed babies born. All this is a result of our misuse of nuclear energy. Without their help we would be in a very sad state.

Q: How are crop circles actually formed? 


A: The occupants of the UFOs visualize the shape they want to create. With their focused mind they decide the shape in any given circle – sometimes with extra additions, like ësecond thoughts'.


They then bring their machines down to near the surface of the field. Using their technology, operated by their minds, the patterns are created. It is a combination of advanced technology and thought; the machinery responds to their thought. The whole process takes place in seconds, even for the most complex pattern.


Q: According to your information both crop circles and circles of light are manifested by the Space Brothers, the latter in association with Maitreya. Does this mean that mankind will finally learn the truth about its special extended family?


A: Yes, it certainly does. There is a huge conspiracy (there are many conspiracies, believe me), but there is a huge conspiracy about the UFOs. The UFOs are known by the major governments in the world to be real, to exist, to be very advanced spacecraft.


For years now the special agency dealing with UFOs in the US, which is not the government but a special department, have been developing a vehicle in a way which is closely aligned to the particular spaceships that they have seen and worked with and examined.


All the UFOs come from planets in our solar system, and the theory put about, and the conspiracy to keep that going, is that no planet in our solar system except Earth has loife on it, which is totally untrue. In fact the spaceships come from planets which are infinitely more advanced than Earth. Most of the spaceships that you see are made on the planet Mars. Even if they are Venusian spaceships or from some other planets, they are often manufactured on Mars. All the Hierarchies of all the planets are in constant communication. This is a solar system, every planet is a part of a system.


Very soon some of this information will become better known, and Maitreya of course is constantly in touch with the Hierarchy of other planets and uses them on occasions In Australia, for instance, there is a drawing which they call Marree Man, which is about three kilometres in length. It is carved into the land, a desert area north of Adelaide, and very wide marks on the ground draw out a very elegant figure with one hand holding a boomerang. The drawing is made by Maitreya and the actual figure is cut into the earth by the Space Brothers. 

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005