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Q. How do UFOs connect with the coming of Maitreya? 

A. There is a relationship. What the UFOs are doing, put very broadly and simply, is preparing a platform for Maitreya. Most of the UFOs visiting this planet come from Mars and Venus. Most of them, even the Venusian ones, are made on Mars, which is a kind of great industrial planet. All of them are of subtle, etheric, not dense physical, matter. They can lower the vibrational rate of that matter until it comes within the range of our sight, so for a limited period they are visible. Normally, unless you have etheric vision, they would be invisible, but to the Martians, the Venusians and so on, they are visible because they are in that same kind of energy. If you went to Mars, you would see nothing, yet there are more people on Mars than on this planet. Their technology is thousands of years ahead of ours at the present time, but when we have the new Technology of Light, which will be as soon as the planet settles down, the principle of sharing is governing and there are no wars, the Technology of Light will give us all the energy we need directly from the sun. This is how the people on Mars and Venus and elsewhere receive their energy. That will speed up our evolution tremendously from a technical point of view.

Our planet has exerted on it, from a great body in space, a force which pulls it very slightly off its axis, and if it had not been corrected by the Space Brothers, then all life would have been very painful; we would have had cataclysm and so on. They have put around the planet an energetic ring of light which keeps it intact on its axis, and so long as they patrol the planet and keep that going we are safe. They also, so far as our karma allows, neutralize much of the nuclear radiation which we pump into the atmosphere from our nuclear power stations. They also go down into the oceans and neutralize waste which we have dumped there and which otherwise would kill off marine life and further poison the planet.

The planet is already polluted to a degree which is now dangerous. Pollution is the greatest killer of all diseases of humanity, and much of it is of nuclear radiation. The advice of Maitreya and the Masters will be to close down immediately all nuclear-fission power stations in the world. They could be replaced tomorrow with a safe, fusion, process of nuclear power, as an interim measure before the coming Technology of Light.

Q. Does Maitreya say there is really life on other planets and there are other beings who come to the Earth just to protect us? 

A. Maitreya has not so far said so directly, but recently he spoke of other beings in space, far advanced, who have always protected humanity. All the planets, without exception, are inhabited. In my experience, UFOs are absolutely real. They cannot usually be seen by us because their normal state is on the higher etheric, not solid, physical levels. When we do see them, this is because they lower the vibrational rate of the vehicles to come within our vision, as a temporary manifestation. They are there all the time in their thousands and even millions. They help us in many ways and without them this earth would be a very painful place indeed. They mop up a great deal of the nuclear radiation which we release into the atmosphere through nuclear experimentation. Even if a test is underground, contaminated, poisoned dust flies up into the atmosphere. The space beings have ëimplosion' devices which neutralize this nuclear radiation. Without their assistance our rivers and streams would be undrinkable; we would, literally, be dying. There would also be large numbers of deformed babies born. All this is a result of our misuse of nuclear energy. Without their help we would be in a very sad state.

Q. Do you think there is any threat from the people on other planets?

A. Absolutely not. Their intention is totally beneficial - in fact, without their help this planet would not be liveable in at this point. We owe them an enormous karmic debt.

Q. Has there been interference in world affairs by extra-terrestrials?

A. All Hierarchies of all the planets in this system are in touch with each other, and everything that takes place in an extra-terrestrial sense takes place under Law. All the planets of our system are inhabited, but if you were to go to Mars or Venus you would see nobody because they are in physical bodies of etheric matter, finer, subtler, than gas. If you were to go there and had etheric vision they would be as real to you as they are to each other, but if you have not etheric vision - and the bulk of humanity do not as yet have etheric vision, though some people here and there have the beginning of it - to all intents and purposes these planets would seem to be uninhabited.

There is ample evidence in the craft which we call UFOs to show that there has been a surveillance of this planet for many years (at least since 1945, but in fact since the beginning of time). This means that this planet is kept intact. There is a huge star out in space which is exerting a magnetic ëpull' on our planet, hence the growing incidence of earthquakes over the last 180 years.

What we call the 'Space Brothers', the people who use the vehicles we call UFOs, who come mainly from Mars and Venus but also from Jupiter, Mercury and a few other planets, have put around our planet a ring of light which keeps it on its axis. It is very slightly off its axis, but this ring allows it, within karmic limits, to be held so that the poles do not flip, which is predicted by many prophets of doom to take place. It will not take place, nothing can shift that ring of light which is put in place by our Space Brothers. Without their help this planet would probably be in chaos. One of the major activities of the Space Brothers is to neutralize the pollution with which we are destroying our planet - caused in the main by nuclear radiation which is pouring out from the nuclear powerhouses all over the world. Every underground nuclear explosion also puts into the air dust which is totally contaminated by nuclear radiation with a half-life of thousands and thousands of years. Within karmic limits they mop up as much radiation and pollution as possible - otherwise this planet would by now be unliveable. Pollution, according to the Masters, is already the number one killer in the world. It so diminishes the activity of the immune system that people succumb to many diseases such as pneumonia, influenza, AIDS, HIV and so on. The very air we breathe, the water, the soil, is totally polluted and we are destroying the very planet which we need for our continued existence and that of our children.

One of the major things which will happen after the Day of Declaration is the turning of the attention of humanity really strongly to the cleaning up of the environment and making this earth viable again. Every human being, of whatever age, will be involved in this process. As soon as the needs of the starving millions are met, as soon as the process of sharing is under way, then the attention of all must turn to the support of our eco-systems, otherwise there will be no planet.

One of the main factors in maintaining our eco-system is our Space Brothers: we owe them an enormous debt. There are various tales in magazines and newspapers of people being taken up, experimented on, and things being inserted under their skin and so on. All of this is totally untrue. There is not a single instance of such happenings. All of these stories are the result either of the fevered astral imagination of people who want to feel these things and do so in an astral sense, which they then describe to others and so build up a climate; or work of certain negative forces in the world whose aim is to keep from the public the reality of the extra-terrestrial connection of this planet. All the planets at Hierarchic level are interconnected and are all in communication. This solar system acts as a unit - it is not one planet and a whole lot of dead planets. They are all teaming with life at different stages. We are at a midway stage; Venus is unbelievably evolved compared with this planet, as is Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and various other planets. They have no need to carry out experiments on us; they know. They are so advanced that they can make the UFO craft which are made from etheric matter. They create the crop circles as a means of letting us know, obliquely, that they are here - that the Space Brothers are real. Only they could simultaneously, in fields all over the south of England, in a few seconds, create unbelievably complex and beautiful crop circles. The technique is programmed into the vehicle; they only have to hover and in a few seconds the work is done.

Q. Will Space Brothers work more openly in the world in the future?

A. Yes; the process is already beginning.

Q: What would Maitreya say about the belief that there is a
ëconspiracy theory' – that there are bad guys out there as well as good guys going round in spaceships?

A: There is a belief, especially in America, that there are abductions going on by 'nasty' space beings of people in the world. My information is that there is absolutely no truth in abductions whatsoever. No one is abducted by the Space Brothers. There is total control in this solar system by the Hierarchies of the higher planets. There are many people who claim that they have been abducted and have been experimented on; my information is that this is 100 percent astral glamour. The people involved believe it is true, just as when you are in the middle of a dream you believe it is true. These claims stem from hysterical, astral fantasies, believed to be real.

Q: (1) Is there any truth whatsoever in the various claims made by people that they have been kidnapped by, raped by, operated and experimented on by Space Brothers? Recent documentaries showed interviews with many people who appeared in all other respects to be normal, or at least not extremely neurotic. Some viewers found these people quite plausible. (2) The key question might be: how can one distinguish between real contact with the Space Brothers (such as in Adamski's case) and hysterical fantasy?

A: (1) No. (2) Discrimination is difficult to acquire. Astral-type experiences such as these seem very real to the one experiencing them – as do our dreams. Nevertheless, they are no more real. True contacts with the Space People are always positive in nature.

Q: You said that all the planets of our system are inhabited, without exception, but the material in  which the bodies are created is vibrating at a different rate from our own, as so if we went there they would be invisible. Are the Western governments aware of this?

A: Some, yes; others probably not. There may be individuals in governments who have read my books, or who themselves have come to this knowledge. The Space Brothers – those who work from the other planets, and who use the UFO vehicles as their means of entry to our planet – have contacts all over the world. I am sure that in many governments there are those who are secretly in contact with, or knowledgeable about, the UFO phenomenon, mainly in the air forces and the defence ministries. In fact the Defence Ministry of the UK pays farmers to obliterate crop circles to prevent people from connecting them with UFO activity.

Q: According to your information both crop circles and circles of light are manifested by the Space Brothers, the latter in association with Maitreya. Does this mean that mankind will finally learn the truth about its special extended family?

A: Yes, it certainly does. There is a huge conspiracy (there are many conspiracies, believe me), but there is a huge conspiracy about the UFOs. The UFOs are known by the major governments in the world to be real, to exist, to be very advanced spacecraft.

For years now the special agency dealing with UFOs in the US, which is not the government but a special department, have been developing a vehicle in a way which is closely aligned to the particular spaceships that they have seen and worked with and examined.

All the UFOs come from planets in our solar system, and the theory put about, and the conspiracy to keep that going, is that no planet in our solar system except Earth has loife on it, which is totally untrue. In fact the spaceships come from planets which are infinitely more advanced than Earth. Most of the spaceships that you see are made on the planet Mars. Even if they are Venusian spaceships or from some other planets, they are often manufactured on Mars. All the Hierarchies of all the planets are in constant communication. This is a solar system, every planet is a part of a system.

Very soon some of this information will become better known, and Maitreya of course is constantly in touch with the Hierarchy of other planets and uses them on occasions In Australia, for instance, there is a drawing which they call Marree Man, which is about three kilometres in length. It is carved into the land, a desert area north of Adelaide, and very wide marks on the ground draw out a very elegant figure with one hand holding a boomerang. The drawing is made by Maitreya and the actual figure is cut into the earth by the Space Brothers.



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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005