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Meditation - FAQ



Q. In my daily contemplations I often have very uplifting experiences. I don't feel uplifted after Transmission Meditation. (1) Does that mean it does not work for me? (2) Should I therefore discontinue Transmission Meditation? 

A. The aim of Transmission Meditation is service, not upliftment. I do not know the questioner but nevertheless I would suggest that the 'upliftment' experienced during 'daily contemplations' is the result of his/her astral aspiration, probably with some degree of heart input. Transmission Meditation is a scientific process by which the energies of Hierarchy are transformed - stepped down - and made generally available to humanity. It works on mental levels and does not involve 'experiences', uplifting or otherwise. However, perhaps because they are somewhat more astrally polarized, many people do claim to find Transmission Meditation very 'uplifting' and rewarding. (1) No, not at all. (2) My advice would be to continue - without looking for 'experiences'.

Q. Since it is not everyone's cup of tea to take part in a Transmission group, how do you know whether you are fit or not?

A. Only by practice. It is really a process of self-selection. You go to a Transmission group or form a group, and do it a few times and either you are attracted by it and find it useful, satisfying and really rather pleasurable, or you find it such a terrible bore that you never go back. There is no glamour, there is nothing to talk about, there are no stories, no gurus, no devotion. It is a purely objective, scientific process; it is work, a job. You can do it in any degree of intensity – up to three times a week, for three or four hours. Of course, not everyone can maintain that intensity or rhythm – and so it tends to be a self-selective process. Those who cannot do it keep away. Those for whom it is natural tend to be the ones who do it.

This is an act of service. It is service given to you ëon a plate'. Many people today want to serve. People say: ìI long to serve but I don't know how to begin.î Well, there is a world to save. There are millions of people starving in the world. There are countless millions who are poverty-stricken, and so on. There is a whole world to change and save and transform. So you do not have to go further than next door to serve. You do not have to go further than your Transmission room to serve. It is service given to you; the simplest, easiest form of service that exists. I can vouch for its effectiveness and its simplicity, but it is not for everyone, because some people want more. They want to have something to talk about: ìWhere am I? Who am I? Does my guru love me, does he not love me? Is he a higher or a lower guru? Is he bigger or lesser than so-and-so? Did you get that marvelous feeling when he looked at you?î and so on. There is none of that in Transmission work – it is a pure act of service to the world, and so it tends to be self-selecting.

Q. If I do Transmission Meditation can I continue with my other practices, for example saying Islamic prayers; or will they interfere with each other? 

A. Transmission Meditation will not interfere or work against any other spiritual practice you may do. On the contrary, it will enhance the value of every practice. However, they should not be done at the same time.

Q. If only two people are interested in forming a Transmission group, what should we do?

A. Then you will have Transmission Meditation with two people. It is possible to do Transmission by yourself also. But, of course, only so much energy can be placed through one person, or through two people. Being a triangle potentizes the energies out of all recognition.

You may mentally link up with other groups which are meeting at the same time. There are Transmission groups now over much of the world. Transmission is fundamentally taking place on the soul level.

Q. What exactly do you mean by ìaligning the physical brain with the soulî?

A. Sooner or later we have to come into a state of alignment between the physical brain and the soul. That is what meditation does. By meditation you gradually build a channel called the ìantahkaranaî, which is a channel of light from the physical plane up to the soul. Simultaneously, the soul is building the same bridge down toward the physical. This channel, when formed, provides a link between the soul and its vehicle, and vice versa. This is the process whereby the man or woman gradually becomes at-one with the soul. The soul ëgrips' the vehicle and reflects itself through it. By the use of the mantram OM and the holding of the attention at the ajna centre between the eyebrows, an alignment is created between the brain and soul.

Q. How important is alignment to Transmission Meditation?

A. Very important. It is the alignment between the brain and the soul which allows the Masters, working from the soul level, to channel the energies through the groups.

Q. Are there any special breathing techniques we should use during Transmission Meditation?

A. No. The breathing should be natural, light, high in the chest and silent. With experience you will find that the breathing becomes so light it practically stops for quite long periods. These are often ended with a sudden, strong ëgasp' of air intake.

Q. Is Transmission Meditation working whether we feel it or not?

A. If you are aligned, yes. The Transmission is coming mainly from the Buddhic level. It is stepped down for us by the Masters and we step it down further. Alignment is necessary to transmit it.



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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005