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Articles by the Master –
through Benjamin Creme

The age of miracles has no end
The milk-drinking statues, which alerted Hindus to the coming of their teacher is just one of the many signs of Maitreya's and the Masters' reappearance. (November 1995) 

The Blueprint of the future
The Masters' disciples live in every country, and will lead in inspiring man to transform the world. (October 1999)

The bringers of treasure
The Masters know the way into the light. Together, they and mankind, will create the new forms of living which will enable expression of the potential divinity within all men. (April 1992)

A call to service
As plans are being made for a brilliant new civilization, cooperative service is needed in the work of world salvage. (May 1986)

The choice is man's
Maitreya and the Masters will freely advise and guide in restoring health and balance to the earth, but mankind must be willing to change. (November 1997)

The coming century
Inspired by Maitreya, people of goodwill will know that man's problems are solvable through sharing and justice. (July/August 1998)

The Common Good
Demands for justice, freedom, and honesty signal an era in which the idea of the common good will flourish. (January/February 1999)

Continuity of consciousness
Awareness of the experiences and knowledge gained during sleep and after death awaits the men and women who can achieve continuity of consciousness.  (November 1987)

The key to humanity's survival and future progress is cooperation. (December 1984)

Coping with change
Creating new foundations for living will require a measured pace of transformation and willing sacrifice for the greater good, resulting in a simpler, better life for all. (May 1997)

Co-workers with God
The Masters come to serve, to teach and to work together with man. Through them, men and women will become co-workers with God. (November 1984)

The dilemma of choice
World stability depends on decisions made by powerful men in the developed world, who are beginning to consider the needs of the poor nations.  (June 1995)

At the door of initiation
Individuals and humanity as a whole experience the sense of unease and inadequacy which attend readiness for initiation. (April 1988)

The end of the 'barbarian age'
Commercialism has condemned so many to an inhuman existence as competition rages for life itself, but Maitreya will offer a new way based on co-operation and mutual respect.  (April 1999)

The end of conflict
The present state of conflict will be replaced by peace. (March 1997)

End of a dark chapter
The end of communism and apartheid, and the birth of new democracies signal man's positive response to Maitreya's presence in the world.  (January 1992)

The end of hunger
Hunger and starvation are man-made. Events will soon create a leveling, which will demonstrate to rich and poor, their brotherhood. (March 1993)

Man's essential choice
When men and women see and hear Maitreya for themselves, they will have to choose between freedom and justice for all, or self-inflicted death through man's inhumanity to man.  (May 1996)

Fear of change
The poor suffer in silence now, but Maitreya will show them that together they can demand the justice and freedom which is their right. (December 1987)

Glamour and illusion are the greatest obstacles to our realization of Oneness. (April 1984)

The great approach
The Masters wait and prepare for their coming task of public work among men and women in the world. Man's call for their appearance determines the timing. (July 1988)

The Guardians
Man's elder brothers have always served to guard and to guide mankind. Now they return to the physical world to serve, with man, the Divine Plan. (October 1986)

A Hard Lesson
Genocide in the Balkans has taught the folly of appeasement toward brutal adventurers. (July/August 1999)

Health and healing (part 1)
Hierarchy stimulates new research into solving man's most serious diseases, many of which are of ancient origin and are the result of separation. (October 1982)

Health and healing (part 2)
Misuse of soul energy and wrong relationship cause disease. The
Masters will point the way forward to vitality and health. (November 1982)

His name is Love
Constructive change in the world is the work of the Christ, no matter by what name he is called. (December 1989)

Hierarchy uses the procedure of Initiation to implement God's Plan for humanity. (May 1985)

Justice is divine
More than legal writ, justice is based on God's laws. (May 1984)

The Law of Rebirth
In the New Age, people will know of the continuity of life, lose their fear of life and death, and will transform human existence. (January 1985)

The Laws and Rules of Life
Maitreya and his Disciples, the Masters of Wisdom, are here to teach men and women the way by which they will manifest their divinity. (November 1999)

Leisure is the key
As machines take over the labors of life, men and women will have the leisure to develop latent talents and skills, and become the gods they are. (November 1986)

Life in the New Age
The Masters will inspire men and women to create a new society in which balance in man's relationships to himself, to his neighbors and environment will release us from all that hinders development of our God-given potential. (February 1983)

Maitreya's call
Man's inner divinity, when expressed, will transform the world, but will require sacrifice of self-interest. Maitreya will call all men to share. (July 1985)

Man's momentous choice
Man must choose whether to continue with self-destruction or to take up a simpler way of living, based on sharing, justice and love. (May 1996)

The Masters enter man's domain
Whenever opportunity permits, in answer to man's call, our Elder Brothers come to our aid whether we call them angels or men. (January/February 1996)

The Masters in the world
The Masters are returning to live among men and women in full view of the world. If mankind chooses, they will inspire us to new heights of inquiry and achievement. (October 1984)

The need for trust
Man is emerging from darkness as leaders begin to trust. (March 1989) 

The need for synthesis
When men and women realize the unity behind all things, and focus on that wholeness, all will become possible. (July 1983)

A New Age concept of time
Social transformation will enable us to transcend the limitations of what we call "time", and experience extraordinary creativity. (January 1982)

A new approach to social living
The present structures, which bind people to the drudgery of 'making a living', will give way to new ways of living, restoring meaning to life for everyone. (March 1982)

The new civilization
Right relationships, goodwill, brotherhood and spirituality will be the hallmarks of the new civilization, in which man will realize his divinity. (August 1982)

The new education
True education is the process by which an individual, through gradual expansion of consciousness, contacts, knows and is able to express his or her divinity. (January 1988)

A New Era Dawns
A new civilization will be built, based on justice, brotherhood and love, the principles which are basic to man's future progress. (July 1982)

The New Millennium begins
Discussion of humanity's readiness to create a new world of freedom and justice for all.  (January/February 2000)

The people's voice
Everyday people are demanding their rights as the inner call for freedom unites them against tyranny. (July 1992)

Political forms in the New Age
The three major political forms, Democracy, Communism and fascism will reflect aspects of God, as they were intended to do. (December 1982)

Prelude to change
World financial collapse will enable man to create new forms which represent the ideals and aspirations of all men. (December 1998) 

The problem of AIDS
Healthier attitudes are needed to address this disease, which is caused by misuse of soul energy.  (January 1987)

Psychism today
Lower psychism, for sale to those unable to make their own decisions, will gradually give way to true spiritual gifts and knowledge, gladly shared with all.  (January 1986)

A question of priorities
Divisions between nations require bridging. Maitreya will present
guidelines and priorities needed to ensure a future for mankind. (December 1986)

Reason and intuition
Man's awakened intuition will reveal the Oneness of all things, new
faculties and knowledge beyond imagination.  (September 1982)

The reception of Maitreya
When men and women see and hear Maitreya for themselves, they will have to choose between freedom and justice for all, or self-inflicted death through man's inhumanity to man. (June 1998)

The restoration of the Plan
The return of the Masters to public service will galvanize people into restoring balance to a world in which millions now starve others 'parade their wealth before the poor'. (October 1998)

The return of the Christ
As the Avatar for the New Age, Maitreya's concerns are the ending of hunger and starvation, injustice, political imbalance and our  irrational economic systems. (April 1982)

The Rule of Law
Mankind has experienced a series of disasters, of our own making, since we have rejected the rule of Law. (June 1999)

Sharing for peace
Mankind is beginning to realize the need for sharing as the only path to lasting peace. (October 1985)

The Son of Man
The Christ comes as a man among men, but a man who has achieved the fullness of divinity. (June 1984)

The Teachers are ready
When market forces cause the world stock markets to collapse, man will call for and receive the wise counsel of its Elder Brothers. (April 1993)

A time like no other
The speed of change today outstrips man's ability to respond and
understand, so confusion and fear dominate man's thinking. (September 1997)

A time to serve
As man learns that any world conflict is unwinnable, people will begin to serve to accomplish political, economic and social transformation. (July 1990)

The unfolding Plan
Overview of the next steps to be taken toward transformation of the world's structures. (July/August 1995)

Unique is the time
Maitreya and the Masters will allay man's fears by showing us that, through trust, respect and sharing, man will achieve unprecedented heights. (May 1998)

The world, today, is one
The collapse of Asian markets has demonstrated world interdependence. (September 1998)

The Master – is a senior member of the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom; His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed for various reasons. Benjamin Creme is in constant telepathic contact with this Master Who dictates His articles to him.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005