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FAQs regarding the Master –

Q. What, if any, is the difference between ordinary telepathy (such as ESP and psychic sensitivity) and the mental telepathy between you and your Master or between Alice Bailey and the Master DK?

Benjamin Creme: Telepathy is a natural human faculty but is as yet largely undeveloped. Most telepathic contacts take place instinctively, haphazardly, as a result of astral action and sensitivity, whereas true telepathy is a mental – mind to mind – process and requires mental polarization to function in a controlled, purposeful fashion.

There is this major difference between true, mental (spiritual or soul) telepathy and the more common psychic sensitivity: the latter receives its information (its channelling) from some level of the astral planes. The information or teaching received is, therefore, subject to the illusory nature of those planes (the planes of illusion) and is always more or less a distortion of reality. True mental telepathy, on the other hand, is the direct communication between two fully conscious, focussed minds, using the plane of "mind" as the medium through which to make contact. It is really the demonstration of a soul faculty. It is deliberate, instantaneous, and infallible.

The Masters work only from the soul level and use this form of contact between Themselves and those disciples whose mental polarization is sufficiently developed to allow it. There are various degrees of contact and types of relationship between Masters and disciples: this can run all the way from infrequent (and, on the part of the disciple, unconscious) impression, to a moment to moment spiritual overshadowing which stops just short of obsession. In this way the disciple's free will is not infringed. Obsession (as in the case of Hitler, for example) is the method used by the Lords of Materiality. The Disciple Jesus was deeply overshadowed – but not obsessed – by Maitreya the Christ.

Q. The technique that you've just talked about – your receiving the communication from the Christ – sounds very much like you have an electrical antenna at the top of your head and that, tuning in at one level you're communicating with your Master, but higher up you're tuning in with the Christ. Now, are you in perfect communication with your Master all the time, virtually?

BC: Yes, all the time. He has trained me and prepared me in a certain way for this work, which entails a moment to moment contact with Him, and, over the past few years, this kind of communication from the Christ, preparatory to these public transmissions of His Messages.

Q. Who is your Master?

BC. I am not allowed to give His name. Perhaps, after Maitreya comes forward, I will. I work with thousands of disciples all over the world and if I were to give you His name – His name is well known to those who know the names of Masters – they would concentrate on Him all the time. It would interfere with His work. He could put up a barrier but that would take energy. The Masters never waste energy. I have a telepathic rapport with Him all the time, and it is bad enough my talking to Him and asking Him questions all the time without thousands of people in the groups all over the world doing the same thing. People can speculate but speculation is not the same as knowing, so their focus is not on the One who is my Master. When the time is right and He says: " You can tell them," then I will.

Q. Could not your Master, in his beautiful and inspiring articles, give us some specific information about the Emergence?

BC: The request has been passed on----but it is my belief that the Master, and Maitreya Himself, do not know exactly when He will be discovered and therefore when the Declaration can take place. As far as They are concerned, the Day of Declaration will occur when humanity, through its representatives the media, invites Him to speak to mankind.

Q. In the new world society in which everyone shares, will there still be a hierarchical system (just as there apparently is at the level your Master inhabits according to esoteric philosophy) and  if so, how will there not be the same difficulties connected with inequality?

BC: The Hierarchy of which the Masters and Their disciples are members should be understood to be based on spiritual evolution and not on authority or privilege. To the Masters, all are equal but at differing stages in the expression of divinity; the divinity itself is one and indivisible. In any new economic/political system, it is up to humanity itself to regulate the degree of participation and democracy it would see as necessary and fair. All is in our own hands; no system will ever be imposed on us by the Hierarchy of Masters.

Q. Have The Masters any obvious bodily markings which would set Them apart from other people?

BC: One thing, which is not a birth Ć«mark' but is part of their birth right, is that They are perfect, men without faults. They know only total, unconditional love. They are the senior members of the Centre where the Love of God is expressed. This is true for all the Masters, whatever Their ray. Some demonstrate other qualities as well: Power, Purpose, Intelligence of different kinds; some stimulate the scientists of the world, some the educational groups, some the politicians, the economic thinkers, etc. As men, They are as varied as are men. They are full of grace, kindliness, ready to serve and save unceasingly. They are radiant in a way few can imagine. Their intelligence and wisdom cuts through to the heart of every problem; They have a spiritual force which can galvanize whole groups of disciples into action.


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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005