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Maitreya's appearances - FAQ


Q. Maitreya and the Master Jesus appear in all sorts of guises, ages etc. Are all of these persons imaginary, or are any of them based on real live people? 

A. The vast majority are purely imaginary creations but from time to time They base a character on a real person whom They imitate more or less exactly. I know of several such among the scores of contacts and experiences sent to Share International. A clear case is when, as has happened several times, Maitreya appears looking exactly, or almost exactly, like me. Sometimes, the contactee may see Maitreya and the real person on different occasions. In this case, the contactee will experience Them - as it were the same person - differently. That is the key.

Q. Why, if Maitreya appears before 600 or even more people at a meeting of a religious group in Britain - as in Edinburgh and York - do we see nothing about it in the media? 

A. The people before whom He appears are in every case  fundamentalists of one persuasion or another. Denominationally
they vary tremendously but the consistent factor is that they are all
extremely dogmatic in their beliefs. Maitreya appears to them to
soften them up. These are the groups from whom, throughout the
world, He expects the major opposition and rejection. If He appears as the World Teacher and they are expecting the Teacher in their own terms - as the Christ, Maitreya Buddha, Krishna, the Imam Mahdi, the Messiah - with their very fixed views, they would be inclined to reject Him. 

The most important thing is the creation of the healing waters, which
is done first. When Maitreya has magnetized the waters, in due
course - it might take a few weeks - He finds a group of
fundamentalists in a town nearby and appears before them. He
speaks to them in their own language and many healings take place
during the process.  He does not say: "I am Maitreya," "I am the
Christ," or "I am the Imam Mahdi," He just appears, out of the blue, but in a form which they will recognize - as He did in Nairobi in Kenya, on 11 June 1988, an appearance of which we have photographs. 

Maitreya leaves it to the groups, in the thoughtform in which He has
appeared to them, to recognize Him or not. Some of them will say:
'Beware, it could be the anti-christ: before the Christ comes, the
anti-christ is coming.' That is why they do not speak out and, if they
do not speak, the media does not speak. Occasionally at these
meetings there have been representatives of religious newspapers
who do not write about it. Why not? I think they do not know what to do with this information: it is too hot. Either they believe it is the Christ or they believe it is the anti-christ; or they are mystified because He has not said who He is. Perhaps 80 per cent of the people believe they had an experience of the Christ, or the Mahdi, or the Messiah - whomever it happened to be - and they are perfectly content to
accept that and just wait for something more to happen in connection with it. That must do something to their awareness, even if they do not
talk about it except among themselves. When eventually they see
Maitreya on television they will say: 'That's the one who appeared to
us - perhaps He is all right after all; perhaps He is not the anti-christ.' 

The appearance in Nairobi was reported and photographed because
the editor of the Swahili edition of the Kenya Times was present and
wrote it up. It was picked up by various media and was a two-day
wonder around the world. The media in general, as ordinary men and
women, are deeply, profoundly skeptical, and professionally, not only
skeptical, but cynical...

Q. You say that Maitreya has appeared in different parts of the world and created wells for healing. Why has He not appeared in Rwanda where the fighting and appalling refugee crisis is going on? 

A. He has done so and continues to do so. He moves around among the refugees and heals and helps all the time, but the Law of Karma (the Law of Cause and Effect) determines how much a Master, even of Maitreya's status, may interfere in our self-made suffering and problems.



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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005